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What is the Goal of Reproduction?
To ensure continued existence of the human species through gamete formation and feterilization.
What is Gamete formation?
The formation of functional male and female reproductive cells.
What are Spermatazo?
Male Gamete
What are Oocytes?
Female Gametes
What is Mitosis?
The division of Somatic cell.
Mitosis produces how many diploid cells?
2 daughter cells
Define Meiosis
Specialized cell division. That produces gametes.
How many chromosones are contained in humans?
How many chromosomes in gametes?
Are gametes haploid or diploid cells?
Define fertilization?
Fusion of male and female gametes. Producing a zygote with 46 chromosomes.
What are Gonads?
Organs that produce gametes and hormones.
What are ducts?
They receive and transport gametes.
What are accessory glands?
Glands that secrete fluids into ducts.
What are perineal Structures?
Struces that collectively are known as external genitalia.