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Male sex glands produce sperm & testostorne located in scrodum outside of body cooler temp is essintial for sperm production
Vas Deferens
tube that recives sperm and fluis from Epidiymis circles around bladder tubes are cut in vasectomy to creat seralzation
tightly coiled tube in scrodum stores sperm untill it matures and becomes free moving. Produces some of fluid in semen.
seminal vesicals
2 small pouch like tubes behind the bladder that produce a thick fluid that is rich in sugar that provides norishment for sperm and become most of fluid in semen
ejaculatory duct
2 short tubes that are formed where vas deferns and seminal vesicles join together. carry semen thorugh prostate gland and into ureathra.
Prostate Gland
doughtnut shaped gland below the bladder sourrounding the urethra. produces more fluid added to semen - muscular tisses contracts during ejaculation to push semen out of the body.
cowpers gland
located beneth the prostate gland secertes mucus like fluid that acts like lubricant.
tube that extends from bladder to penis outside of body carries ethier urine or semen but not both at the same time
external male reproductive organ made of spongy erectile tissue. Distal glans penis coverd by tisse called prepuce(foreskin)
Prostatic hypertrophey
Enlargement of prostate gland common in men ^ 50 cause by inflamation or cancer
Caused by a bacteria 1 of the most frequently occuring diseases symptoms are similar to gonorrhea
Caused bby bacteria s/s- include greenish yellow discharge
Pubic lice
Parasites usally transmitted sexulay may be spread by contact w/ clothes and bedding
Caused by spriochete bacteria 1.) Primary painless chancer sore appers & heals
2.) organism enters blood strem, sore throat, fever, rash & Swollin glands
3.) Can be years later damage to vital organs irrevesable leads to death
Trichomonas vaginalis
Caused by parastic protazoa causes large amounts of white or yellow foul smelling discharge.
Female sex glands small almond shaped contains thousands of small sacks called follicles each containing ovum every 28 days or so a folicle enlarges and ruptures releasing a mature ovum known as ovulation
fallopian tubes
attached to uterus @ 1 end and other end floats just above ovary and has finger like projections called fimbriae. He;p move ovum into fallopin tube mucsles move ovum by parastailsis & cilia move ovum toward uterus
hallow pear shaped behind bladder low part called cerzix attaches to vagina inner most layer is the endometrium- where fertalized ovum implants itself if no fertalization mentration occurs
Muscular tube connecting cervix & uterus to outside of the body lined w/ mucus membrane arranged in folds called rugae allows for expantion
Bartholins glands
2 small glands located on each side of vagianl opening that secerts mucus for lubrication
Collective name for structures forming external female genetals
Labia Majora
2 large fatty hair covered folds that enclose and prtect the vagina
Labia Minora
2 smaller folds of tissue located within labia majora
area inside labia minora contians openings to both urethra & vagina
area of erectile tissue in the front junction of the labia minora produces sexual errosal when stimulated
area between vagina & anus in female entire pelvic floor in bothgenders
Lactation or production secertion of milk after child birth
growth of endometrio tissue outside of uterus causes pelvic pain abnormal bleeding & dysmenorrhea
Pelvic Inflamatory Disease Inflamation of reproductive organs cause by bacteria, virus, or fungi may cause strility and scaring
Premenstural syndrome large % of women experience PMS few or several days before thier period. by hormonal or chemical imblance stress can make it wrost