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Undescended testes increasing the rate of malignancy and sterility.
Inflamation of the testes due to viral/bacterial infections (mumps/TB,syphilis) -->infertility.
_________ is the most common STD, male and female, causing ________ urethritis.
Chlamydia, non-purulent
Purulent urethritis is caused by ______.
Neisseria gonorrhea
Abnormal opening of the urethra on the lower shaft of the .
________ is caused by benign hyperplasia of the prostate usually post-op, leading to constriciton of the urinary tract --> infection.
This STD causes vessicles --> ulcers and has no cure.
Treponema pallidum is a spirochete causing this STD.
Macular-papular rash, condyloma lata and mucous patch are signs of what stage of syphilis?
What stage of syphilis is charcterized by a chancre at the site of innoculation which usually heals in 4-6 weeks.
Gummas (granulomas), tabes dorsalis (CNS - unsteady gate), dissecting arotic aneurysms, perivasculitis, dementia are signs of this NON curable stage of syphilis.
______ is the most common testicular neoplasm, peak incidence @ 35 with good prognosis.
Embryonal cell cracinoma, yolk sac tumor, choriocarcinoma and teratoma are _________ germ cell tumors.
non-seminomatous (NSGCT's)
Most aggressive, 1/3 metastisize, NSGCT causing increased hCG.
embryonal cell
_____ tumor has a peak age of 3 w/ elevated alpha fetal protein.
Yolk sac
Which NSGCT is most malignant?
_______ are comprised of emdryonic layers which can be malignant.
T/F Benign prostate hyperplasia is related to prostate cancer.
False - may co-exist
Urinary obstruction, increased urinary frequency, hesitancy (stage fright), increased infections are symptoms of ______.
benign prostate hyperplasia
_________ carcinoma is the most common cancer in men and frequently metastisizes to ______.
Prostate, bone
List the risk factors of prostate carcinoma.
Which is not a predisposing factor for pelvic inflammatory disease: early ual activity, multiple partners, recurrent STD's, infertitlity, IUD use.
infertitlity is a complication of PID
Which is not a complication of PID: pain, infertitlity, l discharge, pelvic abscess, ectopic pregnancy.
all are complications
________ is the most common malignancy of the female genitalia.
Endometrial carcinoma
Endometrial carcinoma risk factors include the following except: obesity, hypoestrogenism, nulliparous, early menarche or late menopause.
hypoestrogen, HYPER is correct
Cervical cancer commonly occurs in the "______" zone betweeen the endo and ecto-cervix.
________ is the most common uterine tumor, often multiple, and is estrogen sensitive.
Leiomyoma (benign), increased incidence with inc estrogen
T/F Leiomyomas are pre-malignant.
Endometriosis is manifested by severe menstrual pain; it is related to cancer.
True; false it is not related to cancer
Endometriosis is characterized by functional, hormonally responding endometrial tissue tumors forming ______ the uterus. This leads to menstrual bleeding "chocolate cysts" leading to pain, adhesions and _______.
outside, infertility - due to close proximity to uterine tubes
T/F Ovarian cancers cause more s than all other tumors of the female repro tract.
Gastric carcinoma metastatic to overies featuring signet ring cells.
Kruckenburg tumors - signet ring cells
Preeclampsia causes all the following except: hypertension, albuminemia, edema, convulsions.
convulsions = eclampsia
Coma and convulsions during or immediately after pregnancy, characterized by edema, hypertension, DIC and proteinuria.
Sheehan syndrome is caused by _______ anterior pituitary necrosis.
________ results from abnormal fertilization (46XX paternal) causing grape-like placental villi in loose stroma.
Hydatiform mole
Edema of the eustachian tube causing fluid accumulation of the middle ear usually in children is _______.
otitis media --> bulging tympanic membrane --> hearing loss