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The testes of gonadal males secrete?
antimeullerian hormone and testosterone
AMH causes atrophy of meullerian ducts, which would have become the female internal genital tract
Without anti-meullerian hormone, the meullerian ducts are not suppressed and therefore......
develop into the female internal genital tract
This is the major androgen synthesized and secreted by the Leydig cells.
Because leydig cells do not have 21B-hydroxylase or 11B hydroxylase, they cannot synthesize......
Leutenizing hormone increases testosterone synthesis by stimulating this substance( the first step in the pathway)
cholesterol desmolase
The prostate contains 5-alpha reductase which converts what......
testosterone to dihydrotestosterone(active form)
What is finasteride?
It is a 5 alpha reductase inhibitor used to treat benign prostatic hypertrophy
What do the Arcuate nuclei of the hypothalamus secrete?
GnRH into the hypothalamic hypophysial portal blood. Stimulates ant pituitary to secrete FSH/LH
Starting from Cholesterol, how is testosterone created?
FSH acts on which cells in the male?
Sertoli cells to maintain spermatogenesis. These cells also secrete inhibin for negative feedback.
LH acts on which cells in the male?
Leydig cells to promote testosterone synthesis.
Puberty in the male is iniated by....
the onset of pulsatile GnRH release from the hypothalamus
What can be said about the variation in FSH and LH levels over the life span of the male and female?
Chilhood, hormone levels are lowest, FSH>LH
Puberty, hormone levels increase, LH>FSH
senescence-hormone levels are highest, FSH>LH
Theca cells in the female produce.....
Testosterone, at first step by LH. Testosterone diffuses to nearby granulosa cells which have aromatase and convert Testosterone to 17B- estradiol(stimulated by FSH)
From cholesterol, what is the synthesis of estrogen?
Cholesterol-pregnenolone-17-hydroxypregnenolone-dehydroepiandrosterone-androstenedione-testosterone-17B estradiol(requires aromatase)