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What are ovaries, testies, and spermathica?
Ovaries are the female genetalia, the testies are the male genetalia, and the spermathica is where the sperm is stored within the female.
What is oviparous?
a) Eggs laid (protected by oothica)
b) Cockroach eggs
What is ovoviviparous?
What is a larvaposit?
a) Retaining eggs until they hatch inside the female.
B) insect inserts larva instead of eggs.
c) Fleshflies
d) No nutrients from mother
What do all bloodfeeders like the tsetse fly have in common?
They all produce milk
What are the 3 types/and functions of asexual reproduction?
1)Polyembryony; zygote divides into clones (parasitic wasps)
2)Parthenogenisis; females are diploid, while sterile males are haploid (hymenoptera)
3)Paedogenesis; Reproduction by immatures (Midges)
What is luciferin?
Cold heat produced by insects for mating/defense
What are the 4 factors for mating?
1)mate location, visual, olfactory, and auditory
Give an example of visual biolumenescence/visual light
1)luciferin with lightning bugs
2)Colour of wings (lepidoptera)
What is olfactory/aggregation?
odors/pheramones. Aggregation pheramones are used to overwhelm defenses.
What is auditory and give 3 examples?
Usually very species specific sounds used to attract mates. Orthops, leps, dipts, and hemipteroids
What is a resonating chamber?
a specialized air chamber used to auditory mating habits/and defense mechanism
What is intra/inter specific?
inter-between species
What is a lek?
A swarm
What is the purpose of courtship and mating rituals?
species/sex recognition, mate quality
What is a spermatophylax?
big cum bag (up to 20% of males weight within orthoptera)