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This develops primarily from medulla while this develops from the cortex
testis - medulla
ovary - cortex
Both of these ducts are present in the undifferentiated embryo. Which is in females? Males?
Muellerian ducts - females
Wolffian ducts - males
The differentiation of male genitalia requires this enzyme?
5 a-reductase
Without this, external genitalia become female regardless of sexual genotype?
When does gonadal differentiation occur?
Weeks 6-8
This stimulates the develop of the testis?
The SRY which encodes for TDF
What does testis determining factor produce?
The seminiferous tubules
What sexs produce MIF?
What is the action of MIF?
Sertoli cells; inhibits development of the Muellerin ducts
What stimulates the development of the Wolffian duct?
What is the fxn of dihydrotestosterone?
It creates the external genitalia: penis, penile urethra, and scrotum
What creates female genitalia?
What is inessential in creating female genitalia?
The absence of DHT.
Estradiol is not essential.
What is the purpose of estradiol?
Clitoris, labia minora, labia majora, and lower vagina formation
The Muellerian ducts help to form what stx's?
uterus, fallopian tube, and the upper vagina
CAH is caused by what?
What increases?
21 and 11 hydroxylase deficiency necessary for cortisol production; adrenal androgens and corticosteroid precursors
Explain gonadal dysgenesis?
Is incomplete differentiation of the gonads due to errors in meiosis. (Klinefelter's or Turner's)
What is true hermophrodism?
One has ovaries and testes
What is pseudohermophrodism?
One type of gonad but different external differentation. (CAH or 5 a-reductase deficiency)
What happens in the case of 5 a-reductase insufficiency?
Female genitalia develop
What type of gonads are present in a Turner individual? How do the external genitals appear?
Streaked ovaries. Female
With the loss of a gene for the androgen receptor, what is the outcome of the Wolffian duct?
What is the outcome of the Wolffian duct in a XY 5 a-reductase deficient male?
In an XX female with CAH, how do the external genitalia appear?
How do the gonads of an XY testosterone deficient person appear?
What are the external genitalia of an XY testosterone deficient person?
Female (variable)
How do the external genitalia of an XY 5 a-reductase deficient person appear?
Female (variable)
What type of epithelium develops into testis and the ovaries?
germinal epithelium