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what is the most common complication of pregnancy?
what are the 3 types of hypertension in pregnancy and define them.
chronic HTN (occurs <20wks); Gestational HTN (HTN after 20wks, without symptoms of preeclampsia); Preeclampsia (occurs >20wks)
name the triad of preeclampsia.
proteinuria, HTN, pitting edema
what is the difference in preeclampsia and eclampsia?
with eclampsia, add convulsion to the symptoms of eclampsia (proteinuria, HTN, edema)
Name the drug of choice in treating chronic hypertension in pregnant women.
name the drug of choice in treating severe preclampsia.
hydralazine (second line: labetalol)
what methods do you utilize to diagnose a DVT during pregnancy?
ultrasound (if positive) -> venography
if a woman is not pregnant, what method would you utlize to rule/out DVT?
D-Dimer test
what methods do you utilize to diagnose a Pulmonary embolism in a pregnant woman?
Arterial blood gas(pO2 drops 15 when supine vs upright); Ventilation/Perfusion (V/Q Scan)- study of choice; Pulmonary Artery arteriogram if needed; AVOID CT due to excessive radiation
If you find a DVT in a pregnant woman, what would you treat her with?
Heparin- doesn't cross the placenta; IV for 3-5 days, then subq till delivery + 3months after (Do NOT use warfarin - it crosses the placenta)
List the complications for gestational diabetes.
1) fetal macrosomia; 2) rate of cesarean delivery doubled; 3) increased risk of fetal morbidity; 4) increased frequency of hypertensive disorders (ie. preeclampsia) and 5) increased major congenital anomalies
If a person developed inside a mother with gestational diabetes what is he/she at risk for?
increased risk of obesity and abnormal glucose tolerance as children and young adults
women with gestational diabetes have a ___ to __% risk of acquiring _______ within 5-16 years after the pregnancy.
`7-63% risk; nongestational diabetes (use 50% as a rule of thumb)
when testing a pregnant woman for gestational diabetes what 3 hour test do you do and what #s put you into the gestational diabetes category?
at 24-28 wks do a 3 Hour OGTT (Oral Glucose Tolerance Test); Fasting>94; 1hour >179; 2hr > 155; 3hr >140
When treating a pregnant woman for diabetes, what is the only anti-glucose drug allowed?
Insulin (ultra-short acting insulin) ie. Lispro