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What is the single most used diagnostic procedure for ectopic preg?
Who is at greatest risk of ectopics?
How are the incidence and fatality rates of ectopics changing?
Fatality rate decreasing, incidence increasing.
If reproductive aged woman has abdominal/pelvic pain or unexplained hypovolemia, what tests should be done?
Urine HcG, qunatitative serum pregnancy test
Is you suspect an ectopic & US is undiagnostic, what procedure can be done?
1. Culdocentesis--insert needle into posterior culdesac & if you get non-clotting blood, that indicates you have ongoing hemorrhage inside.
2. Laparoscopy: lets you see ovaries, tubes, remove ectopic
What are the sx's of acute appendicitis?
-1/2-2/3 of pts have abdominal pain, N, V; pain localizes to RLQ; fever is late finding except when ruptured;
What are the diagnostic and lab values impt for acute appendicitis?
-Labs, CBC, UA, (WBC>10,000);
-Flat & upright of abdomen. Good for pt w/ acute pain b/c if its ruptured, you'll see free air under diaphragm. Fuzzy area around cecum & appendix indicating inflammation, but its not totally diagnostic.
-Sono: new techniques help localize if its swollen.
In ovarian pathology like ovarian cyst or torsion of adnexa, what should be used in diagnosis?
Sono is main dx help, CBC may show increased WBC, HCG negative.
What is the difference b/w a threatened & inevitable abortion?
-threatened:bleeding & abnormalities;
-inevitable: already have separation of placenta & blood clot.
Describe the pain experienced in ureteral colic. Pain is usually secondary to what?
-Secondary to obstruction from stone or blood clot;
-Pain usually spastic comes & goes, not continuous and doesn't stay in 1 place.
What will the bladder feel like in acute UTI esp acute cystitis?
bladder very tender, UA will often be diagnostic w/ inc WBCs
If patient presents w/ positive pregnancy test & on US they have an intrauterine pregnancy, what cause cause them to have blood in the pelvis? What is the prognosis of that pregnancy?
Ruptured corpus luteum cyst; early in pregnancy, will almost always herald complete or incomplete abortion b/c corpus luteum is providing progesterol until 8-9 weeks;
In a post-menopausal female, what are the most common causes of acute pelvic pain?
GI & Urinary tract (must rule out adnexal pathology & degenerating myoma)