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Why are anovulatory cycles shorter than ovulatory?
the endometrium is only stimulated by estrogen because no progesterone is being produced by the corpus luteum and hence it will not be maintained
what groups commonly have anovulatory cycles?
adolescents and perimenopausal
if a pt comes in and thnks they are pregnant and has no HcG indicated this, what might be the cause?
they have delayed cycle because there is no cessation of the c. luteum producing estrogen and hence do not get their period
dx of PMS
@ least 2 cycles of s/sx in the luteal phase of the cycle
PMS s/sx
headache pelvic pain and breast tenderness
causes of hypomenorhea
1. obstructio/imperforate hymen
2. contraceptives
3. ashermans (repeated D/C)
PMDD Premenstrual dysphoric disorder
physch. dx. PMS + tension, irritability, dysphoria, and possible lack of conc. depression and appetite changes
Tx of PMS
SSRIs- PMS thought to be seratonin mediated
-decrease caffeine, etoh, and tobacco
Define Primary dysmenorrhea
1. no organic cause
2. assoc w prostoglandins
What s/sx suggest anovulatory cycle
no pain/ cramping. prostoglandins associated with ovulatory cycles always produce pain
Def. of secondary dysmenorrhea
1. pathology related
Common causative conditions of secondary dysmenorrhea
A pt comes in and thinks that they have had a miscarraige
membranous dysmenorhea: shedding of the entire uterine lining at one time
Tx of dysmenorrhea
tylenol or NSAIDS (gold standard)
#1 cause of abnormal bleeding
1st step in management of suspected ectopic pregnancy
B hcG!
common causative agent of menorrhagia
fibroids (leiomyoma)
type of anovulatory bleed that occurs wth polyps as well as CA of the cervix and uterus
term for anovulatory cycles that are occuring >35 d apart
this pattern of bleeding (oligo) is common to what groups
excessive weight loss or long distance runners
menometrorrhagia is what type of bleeding pattern
sudden onset often assciated w tumor or pregnancy
pts w infection of the cervix, genital atrophy, previous histyrectomy or early loss of ovarian fxn have this type of bleeding
enlarged uterus suggests what
pregnancy or adenomyosis if uniform

fibroids if irregular