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male gametogenesis
FSH on Sertoli

LH on Leydig
in seminiferous tubules
flagella, acrasome, mitochondria
maturation of sperm
in epididymus
via cAMP from Ca influx
motility & concentration pluse proteoglycans
layers of ovulated oocyte
secondary oocyte
in metaphase 2

zona pelucida
corona radiata (granulosa + hyaluronic acid)
final maturation of sperm
happens in uterus
involves CFTR & HCO3
shed glycoproteins

ready for invasion of ZP
sperm secretes hyaluronidase
SED on sperm binds
ZP3 on ZP

results in acrosome reactions
acrosome reactions
calcium wave
release acrosin (penetrate ZP)
integrin & fertilin to bind & fuse
complete oocyte meiosis
decondense sperm nuclei

pronuclear fusion
prevention of polyspermy
calcium wave across egg
cortical granules in egg fuse to plasma membrane
ZP refractory to sperm binding
Egg surface changes
implantation of blastocyst
HB-EGF receptors on blastocyst
HB-EGF expressed on endomet

selectin & integrins to bind

LIF to mute immune rsps
TGF beta to mute invasion & grow vessels
7-10 days
hCG produced
12 days
syncytoTB first to invade
maternal extravasation
15 days
cytoTB engulf/surround scTB
secondary vili
16 days
tertiary villi formed
17 days
complete maturation of villi
lacunae formed