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What is the major mech for changing blood flow?
Change arteriolar resistance

(afferent or efferent arteriolar resistance)
What does sym nerve activity cause?
Decrease in RBF and GFR

--> more alpha1 R's on afferent arterioles; causes vasoconstriction
Effect of angiotension II on GFR?
vasoconstricts both afferent and efferent; but efferent is more sensitive

Low levels: Increases GFR (only constricts efferent)
High levels: low GFR (constricts both)
Effect of prostaglandins?
Protective - vasodilates to increase RBF to prevent renal failure from sym NS or angiontension II
Protects cerbral, cardiac, splanchnic and renal arterioles by vasodilation.

(Used in hemorrhages)