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name 5 disorders involving renal failure with schistocytes
HUS, TTP, DIC, scleroderma, malignant HTN
in what region of the adrenal gland is aldosterone lcoated?
zona glomerulosa, the outer most layer
angiotensin II is broken down into what? what is this compound's purpose?
angiotensin III, which modulates Aldosterone
how does K+ relate to Aldo levels?
hyperkalemia directly stimulates Aldo release
inhibitors of Aldosterone synthesis?
somatostatin, dopamine, heparin, ANP
in renal vascular disease, renin must be ____ times higher in the renal vein to predict a good response to surgery?
1.5x higher renin in affected side's vein
what drugs are contraindicated in patients with high renin activity and renal vascular disease due to their ability to stimulate the RAAS?
diuretics, contraceptives (estrogens), glucocorticoids
name diseases with HTN with low renin levels
primary aldosteronism (Conn Syndrome)
-diabetes mellitus
what is benign nephrosclerosis? how will it affect kidney micro and gross appearance
-hyaline arteriolosclerosis due to HTN
-will cause thickened and narrowed BVs, leading to patchy ischemic atrophy w/ focal loss of parenchyma, giving the kidney a granular appearance
micro and gross appearance of kidney after malignant HTN?
gross - "flea bitten" due to tiny hemorrhages on kidney
micro - hyperplastic arteriolosclerosis w/ onionskin thickening of arterioles (this is what leads to schistocytes!)