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Name the hormones produced by the kidneys
What surrounds each kidney
the renal capsule
What is the kidney embedded in?
What attaches the kidney to the posterior abdominal wall, and also covers the renal capsule and fatty layer
The renal fascia
What protects he kidney from trauma
the fat cushion, and the position of the kidney
Why is the Right Kidney slightly lower than the left?
Because it is deplaced by the kidney
What portion of the kidney does the renal cortex contain?
All the glomeruli and portions of the tubules
What joins together to form the renal pelvis
the two major calyces
What is the structural unit of the kidney
The lobe
How many lobes are there
approx 14 in each kidney
Define glomerulus
a tuft of cappilarries that loop into the Bowman capsule
Describe mesangial cells
1. serves as a matrix which supports the glomerular capillaries.
2. Have Contractile Properties
3. Have Phagocytic properties
4. Produce vasoactive substances which may influence the GFR
Name the components of the renal corpuscle
Glomerulus, Bowman's Capsule, and Mesangial Cells
What are teh small openings called on the glomerular endothelium