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bladder is used for
urethra is used for
ureters are used for
weight of kidneys are
major portion of kidney is protected by
rib cage
each kidney receives ___per cent cardiac output
kidneys selectively filter how much plasma daily
5 things the kidneys do.
excrete waste
acid-base balance
produces renin
produces erythropoietin
regulates serum calcium
normal urine color
light straw to dark amber
specific gravity should be
hazy or cloudy urine signifies presence of
bacteria, pus
foul or putrid smelling urine signifies what
normal ph should be
colorless or pale urine signifies what
large fluid intake
diabetes insipidus, chronic renal failure, alcohol ingest
fruity or sweet smelling urine signifies
specife gravity of below signifies
diabetes insipidus, renal disease overhydration, sever Potassium deficiency
specific gravity of above 1.035 shows
decreased fluid intake, fever, diabeties mellitus, v and d, dehydration
glucose: glycosuria in urine signify
dm, cns disorder, cushings, sever stress drugs, vit c, asa, epi.
ketones in urine show
starvation, hi protein diet
rbc's show
renal disease, kidney stones, systitis, trauma
wbc's show
uti, fever, renal disease, strenuous excercise
casts in urine mean?
renal disease, fever, heart failure
ph below 4.5 means
met and resp acidosis, starvation, Diarrhea, hi protein diet,
ph above8.0 signifies
bacteria, uti drugs,
protein in urine signifies
proteinuria, renal disease, fever stress, excercise, septicemia, drugs : sulfa, barbs
what drugs cause protein in urine
barbits, sulfa's
BUN test measures the amount of?
amount of urea nitrogen in blood
the bun test is indicator of
glomerular ability to filter urea from the blood.
urine conclusion test what is the fluid restrictions
after 6pm and withheld until test completed
creatinine clearance test determines what
kidney function
creatinine clearance test is done by
24hr urine, blood specimen and last spec, urine collected
intravenous pyelogram (IVP)
shows what
stones, tumors, diagnosing kidney disease.
IVP is used to visualize what?
entire urinary tract
cystoscopy is used to visualize what?
inside of bladder
retrograde pyelogram is used to view what
view kidney pelvis
urine of at least ___ is needed for adequate fluild intake
when should fluids be encouraged
upon waking
caths sizes are
if they experience sudden pain, chills, fever or falls out, do what?
call dr immediately
check cath in kidney pelvis or ureter how often
urinary incontinence can occure due to
infection, damage to sphincter, neurogenic bladder
what is cystitis
inflammation of urinary bladder
what is urethritis
inflammation of urethra
infection and inflammation disorders of the upper urinary tract include
acute/chr glomerulonephritis
what is an infection of renal parenchyma and lining of the collecting tubules
infections and inflammation of the lower urinary tract include
type of kidney disease charactorized by inflammation of glomeruli
brights disease
kidney cortex distorted and shrunken, irreversible damage to nephrons is
chronic glomerulonephritis
congenital disorders of the kidneys
polycystic disease
horseshoe kidney
multiple bilateral kidney cycts is
polycystic disease
pressure in abd and pelvic organs are enlarged is signs of
polycystic disease
kidneys are joined
diagnosis of horseshoe kdney by
x-ray, iv and retrograde pyelograms
tx for horseshoe is
none unless renal failure
how are stones formed
salts in urine precipitate instead of remaining in solution
ileal condiut is located where on the abd
urinary resevoir or aka
kock pouch