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Who did the English (King Henry VII) hire to find a northern route to Asia?
John Cabot
What was the name of the Explorer who sailed around the world?
The Atlantic Ocean was wider than believed
Why did Columbus he think he landed in Asia instead of in the Caribbean like he did?
Who gave Columbus the money for his expedition across the Atlantic?
Queen Isabella of Spain
What 3 countries entered into a "race" to find a direct sea route to Asia?
Spain -- England -- Portugal
What were 3 things that the Portuguese Explorers brought back from their trips down the coast of Africa?
Gold -- Ivory -- more knowledge of navigation
Looking for shortcut around Africa to Asia
Why did Prince Henry the Navigator send his Explorers further and further down the coast of Africa?
What country was very experienced and sailing down the coast of Africa?
What were 4 spices that the Europeans desired (wanted) from Asia?
Pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves
Why were spices in such great demand in Europe during the late Middle Ages and Renaissance?
No refrigeration = meat and fish spoiled quickly -- spices improved flavor
New methods of traveling across the sea
How did the students (scholars) add to their knowledge?
He sponsered (encouraged) sea exploration
Why do you think Prince Henry received the nick name "Henry, The Navigator?"
On page 310 the textbook states "The kings and queens of Europe sent Explorers in search of a direct route to Asia. These expeditions, however, turned out to have unexpected results." What were these unexpected results?
Clash of Cultures -- religious conversions -- spread of diseases -- slavery
In western Europe, the Middle Ages began after the collapse of which empire?
What did the Magna Carta do
Limited the power of the English kings and gave nobles a voice in government
Who is the head of the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages?
A body of water along the southern coast of Europe
Mediterranean Sea
A system in which a lord received food and work from peasants in exchange for protection
A system in which nobles gave land to others in exchange for services
What were two church activities that led to Protestant religions?
Sale of Indulgences & Corruption
Explain how the aristocrats of the city states were different from the nobles of the feudal system.
Wealth came from money goods not from land
What was different about the subjects the artist painted during the Renaissance and then the subjects of the Middle Ages artists?
Middle Ages artist's subjects were only religious
Explain the difference between wealth in the Middle Ages & wealth during a Renaissance
"Middle Ages = land
How did a patron help an artist?
Gave money, place to live and work
What were the 3 results of the Crusades?
Opened up trade routes -- connecting people of Europe with Asia -- rediscovered Greek and Roman ideas
What is the practice of one country taking control of another country's government and economy?
This term means "to sail around the world"?