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This empire in eastern Europe collapsed after the fall of their capital to the Ottoman Turks in 1453
What new dynasty began after victory in England's War of the Roses and ruled from 1465 to 1603?
The painter of the Sisteine Chapel ceiling was?
This new weapon mounted on ships gave European merchants firepower not available to others.
Business people in 14th century Italy began to develop this practice in facilitate accurate recording of transactions and efficient tracking of business profits and losses.
Double entry bookkeeeping
The Italian writer who captured the horror of the plague in the 14th century work The Decameron was?
Giovanni Boccaccio
The inventor of the first major book set in movable type was?
Johannes Gutenberg
What important family from Florence was well-known for their patronage of important Renaissance artists?
The Medici Family
What writer of The Prince is associated with a realpolitik view in political thought?
Niccolo Macheavelli
Ornate, Dramatic artistic style developed in Europe in the 1550s
Government headed by religious leaders or a leader regarded as a god
Painted the mona Lisal; made designs of parachutes, flying machines...
Leonardo Da Vinci
Wrote the Institutes of the Christian Religion.
John Calvin
Doctrine of John Calvin that each person's fate is predetermined by God
Emphasis on the dignity and worth of the individual person