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"Which of the following (there may be more than one) would be a date that a Crusade might have happened:1040 1925 843 1679
Explain the difference between wealth in the Middle Ages & wealth during a Renaissance
Middle Ages = land
Renaissance = Money
Wealth came from money goods not from land
Explain how the aristocrats of the city states were different from the nobles of the feudal system.
How did a patron help an artist?
Gave money, place to live and work
How many Crusades were there?
On what peninsula did the Renaissance begin?
Italian peninsula
What artist painted the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper?
Leonardo da Vinci
What did it Erasmus do?
Criticize the church for its wealth and poked fun at its officials
What was a city state (name) that was the center of banking, trade, and manufacturing during the Renaissance?
What was different about the subjects the artist painted during the Renaissance and then the subjects of the Middle Ages artists?
Middle Ages artist's subjects were only religious
What was Martin Luther (what he do for a living?)
A monk
What was the event that led to the Renaissance?
What was the Reformation?
The developing of new churches based on Jesus, but without the problems of the Catholic Church
What were the 3 results of the Crusades?
Opened up trade routes -- connecting people of Europe with Asia -- rediscovered Greek and Roman ideas
What were two church activities that led to Protestant religions?
Sale of Indulgences/corruption
Where did the Renaissance begin?
Italian peninsula
Who was the person who called for the Crusades?
Pope Urban II
Who were 3 famous men of the Renaissance?
Michelangelo - Leonardo DiVinci - Galileo
Who wrote the plays "Romeo and Juliet" & "Macbeth".
William Shakespeare
Why did wealthy people and Italian city state become patrons of famous artists and scholars?
Believe the artist would contribute to the wealth and greatness of their city state
Why was the period of the 14th to the 16th century called the Renaissance
It was a time in which the European discovered the learning of the Greeks and Romans
What was a reaction of the Catholic Church to the Protestant Reformation?
Counter reformation (change)
What is one way in which early civilizations and Ancient Greeks are similar?
Both relied on agriculture as the basis of their economy
Which best describes the similarities between early civilizations (Mesopotamia and Egypt) and Ancient Greece?
Early civilizations and the Ancient Greeks were polytheistic
One effect of rugged, mountainous geography on the civilization of ancient Greece was the development of
separate, independent city-states
Which society practiced direct democracy?
Ancient Athens
The Magna Carta, the Petition of Right, and the English Bill of Rights were created to
limit the power of English monarchs
The system of government which have vassals that like Lord Richard and Lord Steven is called
What new invention help Martin Luther’s complaints against the Church spread so quickly?
The printing press
How many complaints did Martin Luther have of the Church?
Luther had 95 criticisms (95 Thesis)
. Who played a very significant role in bringing about the Protestant Reformation?
 Martin Luther
On what did Humanist writers of the Renaissance place emphasis?
on man, his intellect, and his life on Earth.
How did the printing press allow more people to buy reading material?
Because Gutenberg's press could produce books quickly and with relatively little effort, bookmaking became much less expensive
Who invented the printing press in 1445?
What was a fabric that Western Europeans wanted to import from the East?
What were 4 spices Western Europeans wanted to import from the East?
Peppercorns, nutmeg, mace, and cinnamon
For traders why was sailing a better option than traveling by land?
the network of roads that crisscrossed Europe was poor, and the few good roads that did exist were frequented by thieves
What country became famous for drawing more reliable maps?
What did a magnetic compass do?
What was an astrolabe?
a portable device used by sailors to help them find their way. By measuring the distance of the sun and stars above the horizon, the astrolabe helped determine latitude, an important tool in navigation.
What were Luther's followers called?