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REN-4 Name
Gate of Origin
REN-6 Name
Sea of Qi
REN-17 Name
Chest Center
What are two alternative translations for Ren?
What point treats drowning?
What is an alternate name for Ren 1?
Gate of Life
What are the Mu points for the Taiyang organs?
REN-3 (UB)
REN-4 (SI)
Between Ren 3 & 4, which treats excess v. deficiency?
REN-3: Excess
REN-4: Deficiency
Where is Zigong, the Extra point for uterus?
3 cun lateral to REN-3
Where is TiTuo the Extra point for uterus?
4 cun lateral to REN-4
What point treats ‘profound deficiency’?
Which point is indicated with moxa for Diabetes?
What are the Mu points for all 3 Jiaos, and the San Jiao as a whole?
San Jiao: Ren 5

Upper: Ren 17 (Mu of PC): changes in thirst

Middle: Ren 12 (Mu of ST): changes in appetite

Lower: Ren 7: changes in urination
How do we compare Ren 4 & 6?
REN-4 is Yin & for profound deficiency

REN-6 is Yang & tonifying
Which two points treat Damp?
REN-9 (w/ SP-9), [REN-3, REN-4]
What 3 things might Ren 12 treat?
ST Mu: ST pathology

Lower Jiao Mu: LR/GB, SP

Morning sickness
When will Ren 13 or 10 be more active than Ren 12?
REN-13: ST fire, yang conditions;

REN-10: lower ST, Cold/damp
Does Ren 14, the HT Mu point, treat both HT phlegm excess and also yin deficiency?
Which Sea is at the center of the sternum?
Sea of Qi?
When might Ren 18 be more active than 17?
REN-18 is more tender w/ Yang conditions
What does the manubrium correspond to in the Sternal Microsystem?
What does the 2nd rib on the right side correspond to in the Sternal Microsystem?
What are some possible symptoms of ‘food accumulation’ that Ren 21 treats?
Indigestion, heartburn, GERD
What point category is Ren 22?
Sky Window
What is the angle at Ren 23?
Angle up towards Du 20/vertex, up to 1.2 cun
What part of the body does Ren 24 treat, and why?
Lower jiao on face microsystem
Luo Point of Ren
REN-1 or REN-15
Sky Window Point of Ren