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Earth's four spheres are:
Biosphere (living things)
Hydrosphere (water)
Atmosphere (air)
Lithosphere (land)
What 4 broad categories of features are generally visible on GOES satellite images?
Land surfaces
Ocean surfaces
Snow/ice surfaces
Cloud tops
Name 3 advantages of a geostationary satellite which provides better tracking of localized hazardous weather conditions.
Frequency (every 15 min.)
What is one big difference between a POES satellite & a GOES satellite?
POES conver the entire earth traveling north-south passing very close to the poles.
GOES appear sationary above a specific point of earth & follow the earth as they rotate.
What does the acronym POES represent?
Polar Operational Environmental Satellite
What does the acronym GOES mean?
Geosynchronous Operational Environmental Satellite
The time stamp which appears on most images is local standard time in Greenwich, England. It used to be called Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). What is it called now?
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is now called Universal Time Coordinates (UTC).
Name two sources of radiation coming from features on earth, such as: oceans, land, cloud tops, snow/ice.
Relfected (visible) sunlight (depends on intensity of light striking a feature & a feature's reflectivity (or albedo)
Emitted IR radiation (intensity depends on temperature of feature)
Many scientists believe that Ozone is on the rise in the atmosphere. Is this true?
Yes, but others say it is part of a cycle of years. With better satellite imaging & more data collected for comparison, scientists hope to validate their theories.
What is albedo?
Albedo is the proportion of visible light striking an object or surface that the object or surface reflects.
What are the Primary Colors of Light?
Red, Green, Blue
What organization is dedicated to studies about climate change?
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Is it true that a geostationary satellite looks at all times at the same location as it follows the earth's movement?