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scorpion...ground..."an earth animal"...
scorpion letting its venom out drop by drop until it has made a whole pond
between the hammer is a squashed insect
lightning bug / firefly
instead of a "schoolhouse for fish" there is a schoolhouse for insects...there is some trouble as is usual in naturally there are fireflies flying in the background
snake murdering an ant in a house by coiling around it in the shape of a spoon
insect, craft
as part of the craft one must
learn the "insect rainbow" chart, which lists the colors of the insect spectrum, and asks little kids to find examples of each color
an insect whose color looks like the rings on a tree after many generations
single men are single because they have no balls...such as when a pack of wild dogs scare off an insect......women are are are puny insects
where do worms come from? unlike normal worms, which come from the ground, silkworms are insects that come from the heavens
windy...drops of...insects
drop of insects...swarms of gnats...with such force that they wind blows when they pass by....
self (snake or anything meanings associated with snakes in myth and fables)
abstract sense of half, the deep down inner structure of the human that mythology has often depicted as a snake
roused,awakened,excited (take your pick) by the snake sitting on you, so you decide to run away
Pacific Cathule....Scrapped Princess, who will become queen....she is the snake that was destined to cause run to the world...woman are like snakes with their charm and devilish all queens need to be....
single taskmaster...snakes...Ireland's most famous reformer, St. Patrick, whose legend has it, drove away the snakes from the land
scribe (Henshall: account, chronicle)
words of the snake are deceptive, therefore you must act as a scribe and copy everything so that you can think things over
wrap (wrap, in the sense of a snake wrapped around something)
bound up with a snake(as opposed to a rope and tape)
After delivering the placenta.... the part of the body that your "wrap" in a towel or plastic bag because the doctor will want to examine it.
wrapping stones inside a cannon before firing....
water wrapping air inside a bubble
tortoise (eel, in the abbreviated form(bottom half of denshi))
bound up heads inside a shell (two suns) with a long tail running through it(the shell)
eel that gives off electric shocks when exposed to the rain....eel giving off volts in an aquarium..
standing eel (that breathes fire)
at the top of waterfall, water comes from a dragon (presumably from its mouth since it's a statue)
flesh...sow(3 little pigs)....
big bad wolf wanted flesh of the 3 little pigs
really hungry for you pursue a pig that's on the road....
consummate (Henshall: attain, attempt)
bull (2 horns) which must consummate the plan to get the pig on the road(presumably by using its horns)
house...sow(3 little pigs) of the 3 little pigs....
marry into (Henshall: marry, bride)
it is the woman("bride") who leaves her family for another household, thus marrying into a man's household
tall crowned pig king whose greedy overpowers all concerns/matters
intestines are part of the body that is a piggy bank(for all the food that you ate)...imagine what it means to break the bank.... :-p
look for the location of a piggy bank(which presumably contains some kind of treasure) buried in soil somewhere
hot water
if you lose your piggy bank you're in hot water, since you wife will give you the day, you boil a piglet in hot water.....
animals horn at the top attached to the head(by 3rd stroke), the front and back legs(strokes 4 and 5) and body (final stroke)
beauty...large sheep...
size matters....bigger sheep are more beautiful
ocean (Henshall: ocean/western)
large sheep in the ocean..
words from sheep(maybe at a court trial) are as intricate as his fluffy design
fresh (Henshall: fresh, vivid)
fish and sheep must both be served as fresh as possible
accomplished (Henshall: expert)
removing soil from a sheep in the road without damaging the fabric can...only an expert can do such a thing
envious of the sheep whose who can drain water under it, since you lack that ability

NOTE: change this story
sheep craft(like a coat or awl) is a sign of distinction, shows that you're different from commoners
to don is to "put the wool over your eyes"
solely (Henshall: only)....tada...tadaima
mouth salivating solely at the turkey sitting in plain sight
turkey cooking in a cauldron for too long becomes charred
reef of charred rocks....
birds of a feather flock this case, the turkeys decide to flock in a tree
quasi- (Henshall: quasi-,semi-, associate)
frozen bird(in cyrogenesis) is semi/quasi alive due to its hibernation state
why did the turkey cross the road? to advance to the other side
miscellaneous (possibly "random")
9 miscellaneous birds in a tree
female person stops and sits on bird
semi- (Henshall: level, conform)
junbi(preparation), suijun(standard)
ten birds on water all at the same level
stirred up
pissed off at the sight of your turkey's and dog's brain being stirred up(for dinner)....
rob (Henshall: snatch)
burglar glues you down while he snatches your dog and turkey
assurance (Henshall: ascertain, firm) (kakunin, kakujitsu)
assured that your turkey house will stand firm since it's made of rock
noon (horse)
horse's head pointing leftward
permit (Henshall: permit,forgive(yurusu))
need Mr. Ed to permit you first.... "No Sir, I don't like it".... :-p
Fantasia...scene with mares(female horses) bathing in the stream and the stallions beginning to gather. as dusk sets in, the flying horses all start yawning and pair off for the night, a perfectly delightly portrait of delight
authority (Henshall: right, authority, balance)
pegasus, the bird with authority, balances in the trees
outlook (Henshall: watch, observe)
Pegasus observing the world's outlook
feathers (wings)
pictograph of 2 bird feathers
white birds of a feather learn together....or white wings learning to fly
the following, yokujitsu(next day), yokucho(next morning)
next(the following) bird in line rises it's wings to say "It's my turns"
weekday (Henshall: day of week)
sun wings its way like a bird(i.e. moving from dawn to dusk) and so a day passes
wash birds wings in water...washing my turkey feather pillow in the laundry