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Asia; rank next; come after; -ous;
Africa; flatter; fawn upon; corner; nook; recess;
pathetic; grief; sorrow; pathos; pity; sympathize;
love; affection; favourite;
bad; vice; rascal; false; evil; wrong;
grip; hold; mould sushi; bribe;
rising sun; morning sun;
catalpa tree;
pressure; push; overwhelm; oppress; dominate;
handle; entertain; thresh; strip;
address; just like; fortunately;
relax; cheap; low; quiet; rested; contented; peaceful;
darkness; disappear; shade; informal; grow dark; be blinded;
plan; suggestion; draft; ponder; fear; proposition; idea; expectation; bill; worry;
by means of; because; in view of; compared with;
Italy; that one;
rank; grade; throne; crown; about; some;
reliant; depend on; consequently; therefore; due to;
admirable; greatness; remarkable; conceited; famous; excellent;
surround; besiege; store; paling; enclosure; encircle; preserve; keep;
committee; entrust to; leave to; devote; discard;
intimidate; dignity; majesty; menace; threaten;
military officer; jailer; old man; rank;
idea; mind; heart; taste; thought; desire; care; liking;
consolation; amusement; seduce; cheer; make sport of; comfort; console;
easy; fortune-telling; ready to; simple; divination;
do; change; make; benefit; welfare; be of use; reach to; try; practice; cost; serve as; good; advantage; as a result of;
uncommon; queerness; strangeness; wonderful; curious; unusual;
shift; move; change; drift; catch (cold fire); pass into;
fiber; tie; rope;
horizontal; woof; left & right; latitude;
stomach; paunch; crop; craw;
garment; clothes; dressing;
difference; differ;
bequeath; leave behind; reserve;
doctor; medicine;
well; well crib; town; community;
sign of the hog; 9-11PM; twelfth sign of the Chinese zodiac;
range; region; limits; stage; level;
bring up; grow up; raise; rear;
I; one;
deviate; idleness; leisure; miss the mark; evade; elude; parry; diverge;
rice plant;
license; sincerity; permit;
stamp; seal; mark; imprint; symbol; emblem; trademark; evidence; souvenir; India;
employee; member; number; the one in charge;
cause; factor; be associated with; depend on; be limited to;
matrimony; marry;
pull; tug; jerk; admit; install; quote; refer to;
drink; smoke; take;
descendent; issue; offspring;
Inst.; institution; temple; mansion; school;
shade; yin; negative; sex organs; secret; shadow;
conceal; hide; cover;
rhyme; elegance; tone;
eaves; roof; house; heaven;
feathers; counter for birds rabbits;
sign of the hare; 5-7AM; fourth sign of Chinese zodiac; sign of the rabbit; east;
sign of the ox or cow; 1-3AM; second sign of Chinese zodiac;
whirlpool; eddy; vortex;
bay; creek; inlet; gulf; beach; seacoast;
carry; luck; destiny; fate; lot; transport; progress; advance;
occupation; camp; perform; build; conduct (business);
shadow; silhouette; phantom;
reflect; reflection; projection;
flourish; prosperity; honor; glory; splendor;
eternity; long; lengthy;
England; English;
defense; protection;
recitation; poem; song; composing;
pointed; sharpness; edge; weapon; sharp; violent;
fluid; liquid; juice; sap; secretion;
benefit; gain; profit; advantage;
ecstasy; joy; rapture;
audience; audience (with king);
surpass; cross over; move to; exceed; Vietnam;
review; inspection; revision;
circle; yen; round;
park; garden; yard; farm;
banquet; feast; party;
prolong; stretching;
abet; help; save;
run alongside; follow along; run along; lie along;
performance; act; play; render; stage;
inflammation; flame; blaze;
affinity; relation; connection; edge; border; verge; brink;
glossy; luster; glaze; polish; charm; colorful; captivating;
garden; farm; park;
distant; far;
dirty; pollute; disgrace; rape; defile;
concave; hollow; sunken;
center; middle;
heart; interior;
journey; chase away; let go; going; travel;
apply; answer; yes; OK; reply; accept;
push; stop; check; subdue; attach; seize; weight; shove; press; seal; do in spite of;
sideways; side; horizontal; width; woof;
assault; hit; beat; thrash;
king; rule; magnate;
venerable old man;
open sea; offing; rise high into sky;
hundred million; 10**8;
roof; house; shop; dealer; seller;
recollection; think; remember;
the latter; duplicate; strange; witty;
grace; kindness; goodness; favor; mercy; blessing; benefit;
calm; quiet; moderation;
sound; noise;
below; down; descend; give; low; inferior;
change; take the form of; influence; enchant; delude; -ization;
sham; temporary; interim; assumed (name); informal;
value; price;
excellent; beautiful; good; pleasing; skilled;
add; addition; increase; join; include; Canada;
can; passable; mustnt; should not; do not;
marry into; bride;
house; home;
widow; minority; few;
department; course; section;
spare time; rest; leisure; time; leave of absence;
fruit; reward; carry out; achieve; complete; end; finish; succeed;
erect; frame; mount; support; shelf; construct;
song; sing;
calamity; misfortune; evil; curse;
earnings; work; earn money;
counters for things;
baggage; shoulder-pole load; bear (a burden); shoulder (a gun); load; cargo; freight;
splendor; flower; petal; shine; luster; ostentatious; showy; gay; gorgeous;
candy; cakes; fruit;
chapter; lesson; section; department; division; counter for chapters (of a book);
freight; goods; property;
overdo; exceed; go beyond; error;
ego; I; selfish; our; oneself;
brush-stroke; picture;
bud; sprout; spear; germ;
congratulations; joy;
gracious; elegant; graceful; refined;
starve; hungry; thirst;
jammed in; shellfish; mediate; concern oneself with;
meeting; meet; party; association; interview; join;
unravel; notes; key; explanation; understanding; untie; undo; solve; answer; cancel; absolve; explain; minute;
-times; round; game; revolve; counter for occurrences;
clod; lump; chink; clot; mass;
demolition; break; destroy;
cheerful; pleasant; agreeable; comfortable;
suspicious; mystery; apparition;
repent; regret;
pocket; feelings; heart; yearn; miss someone; become attached to; bosom; breast;
kidnap; falsify;
reformation; change; modify; mend; renew; examine; inspect; search;
contraption; fetter; machine; instrument;
sea; ocean;
ashes; puckery juice; cremate;
all; everything;
picture; drawing; painting; sketch;
open; unfold; unseal;
storey; stair; counter for storeys of a building;
censure; criminal investigation;
harm; injury;
rue; be sad; sigh; lament;
outline; condition; approximation; generally;
horizon; shore;
boulevard; street; town;
above-stated; the said; that specific;
hedge; fence; wall;
menacing; dignity; majesty; threaten;
each; every; either;
broaden; extend; expand; enlarge;
status; rank; capacity; character; case (law grammar);
nucleus; core; kernel;
husk; nut shell;
seize; get; find; earn; acquire; can; may; able to;
assurance; firm; tight; hard; solid; confirm; clear; evident;
harvest; reap;
memorize; learn; remember; awake; sober up;
angle; corner; square;
contrast; compare;
enclosure; quarters; fortification; red-light district;
tower; tall building; palace;
isolate; alternate; distance; separate; gulf;
leather; become serious; skin; hide; pelt;
study; learning; science;
point; peak; mountain;
music; comfort; ease;
forehead; tablet; plaque; framed picture; sum; amount; volume;
hang; suspend; depend; arrive at; tax; pour;
proportion; comparatively; divide; cut; separate; split;
hoarse; scold;
fasten; tie up; arrest; constrict;
lively; resuscitation; being helped; living;
thirst; dry up; parch;
slippery; slide; slip; flunk;
brown; woollen kimono;
control; wedge;
moreover; also; furthermore;
stocks; stump; shares; stock; counter for small plants;
sickle; scythe; trick;
reap; cut; clip; trim; prune;
crown; best; peerless;
publish; carve; engrave;
intuition; perception;
persuade; recommend; advise; encourage; offer;
scroll; volume; book; part; roll up; wind up; tie; coil; counter for texts (on book scrolls);
yell; cry; scream;
withstand; endure; support; resist;
perfect; completion; end;
bureaucrat; the government;
tolerant; leniency; generosity; relax; feel at home; be at ease; broadminded;
dry; parch;
afflicted; disease; suffer from; be ill;
emotion; feeling; sensation;
accustomed; get used to; become experienced;
remorse; regret; be sorry;
interchange; period; charge; change?;
daring; sad; tragic; pitiful; frail; feeble;
coffin; casket;
goodwill; article; section; friendship; collusion;
delight; joy;
sweat; perspire;
Sino-; China;
ring; circle; link; wheel;
sweet; coax; pamper; be content; sugary;
oversee; official; govt office; rule; administer;
watch over; see;
pipe; tube; wind instrument; drunken talk;
simplicity; brevity;
slacken; loosen; relax; lessen; be moderate; ease;
tin can; container;
liver; pluck; nerve; chutzpah;
outlook; look; appearance; condition; view;
pierce; 8 1/3lbs; penetrate; brace;
send back; return;
specimen; take warning from; learn from;
interval; space;
connection; barrier; gateway; involve; concerning;
collapse; fall into; cave in; fall (castle); slide into;
building; mansion; large building; palace;
round; full; month; perfection; -ship; pills; make round; roll up; curl up; seduce; explain away;
include; bear in mind; understand; cherish;
boulder; rock; cliff;
stubborn; foolish; firmly;
face; expression;
petition; request; vow; wish; hope;
undertake; scheme; design; attempt; plan;
dangerous; fear; uneasy;
rejoice; take pleasure in;
utensil; vessel; receptacle; implement; instrument; ability; container; tool; set;
fundamentals; radical (chem); counter for machines; foundation;
strange; strangeness; curiousity;
draw near; stop in; bring near; gather; collect; send; forward;
branch off; fork in road; scene; arena; theater;
hope; beg; request; pray; beseech; Greece; dilute (acid); rare; few; phenomenal;
how many; how much; how far; how long;
mourning; abhor; detestable; death anniversary;
brandish; wave; wag; swing; shake;
desk; table;
national flag; banner; standard;
previously; already; long ago;
period; time; date; term;
chess piece; Japanese chess; shogi;
abandon; throw away; discard; resign; reject; sacrifice;
mechanism; opportunity; occasion; machine; airplane;
homecoming; arrive at; lead to; result in;
spirit; mind;
vapor; steam;
pray; wish;
chronicle; account; narrative; history; annals; geologic period;
standard; measure;
scribe; account; narrative;
precious; value; prize; esteem; honor;
rouse; wake up; get up;
rut; wheel; track; model; way of doing;
radiance; shine; sparkle; gleam; twinkle;
hungry; starve;
equestrian; riding on horses; counter for equestrians;
ghost; devil;
tortoise; turtle;
falsehood; lie; deceive; pretend; counterfeit; forgery;
ceremony; rule; affair; case; a matter;
best regards; good;
frolic; play; sport;
skill; art; craft; ability; feat; performance; vocation; arts;
mimic; aim (a gun) at; nominate; imitate;
deceit; cheat; delude;
doubt; distrust; be suspicious; question;
righteousness; justice; morality; honor; loyalty; meaning;
deliberation; consultation; debate; consideration;
good luck; joy; congratulations;
consume; eat; drink; smoke; receive (a blow);
packed; close; pressed; reprove; rebuke; blame;
instead; on the contrary; rather;
guest; visitor; customer; client;
skids; leg; undercarriage;
tyrannize; oppress;
inverted; reverse; opposite; wicked;
hill; knoll;
long time; old story;
rest; day off; retire; sleep;
reach out; exert; exercise; cause;
suck; imbibe; inhale; sip;
Shinto shrine; constellations; palace; princess;
bow; bow (archery violin);
hurry; emergency; sudden; steep;
salvation; save; help; rescue; reclaim;
decay; rot; remain in seclusion;
request; want; wish for; require; demand;
cry; weep; moan;
ball; sphere;
research; study;
hard up; destitute; suffer; perplexed; cornered;
class; rank; grade;
twist; ask; investigate; verify;
salary; wage; gift; allow; grant; bestow on;
old times; old things; old friend; former; ex-;
gone; past; quit; leave; elapse; eliminate; divorce;
reside; to be; exist; live with;
gigantic; big; large; great;
repel; refuse; reject; decline;
foothold; based on; follow; therefore;
raise; plan; project; behavior; actions;
void; emptiness; unpreparedness; crack; fissure; untruth;
permit; approve;
fishing; fishery;
receive; undergo; answer (phone); take; get; catch;
capital; 10**16;
submit; offer; present; serve (meal); accompany;
emulate; compete with; bid; sell at auction; bout; contest; race;
together; both; neither; all; and; alike; with;
villain; evil; bad luck; disaster;
co-; cooperation;
shout; exclaim; yell;
boundary; border; region;
gorge; ravine;
fear; dread; awe;
respect; reverent;
pinch; between;
teach; faith; doctrine;
condition; situation; but of course
lunatic; insane; crazy; confuse;
cramped; narrow; contract; tight;
rectify; straighten; correct; reform; cure; control; pretend; falsify;
bosom; breast; chest; heart; feelings;
threaten; coerce;
entertain; revive; retrieve; interest; pleasure;
home town; village; native place; district;
mirror; speculum; barrel-head; round rice-cake offering;
echo; also N5116; sound; resound; ring; vibrate;
wonder; be surprised; frightened; amazed;
face-up; look up; depend; seek; respect; rever; drink; take;
congeal; freeze; stiff; be absorbed in;
daybreak; dawn; in the event;
business; vocation; arts; performance;
bureau; board; office; affair; conclusion; court lady; lady-in-waiting; her apartment;
bend; music; melody; composition; pleasure; injustice; fault; curve; crooked; perverse; lean;
poles; settlement; conclusion; end; highest rank; electric poles; very; extremely; most; highly; 10**48;
jewel; ball;
diligence; become employed; serve;
level; average;
brocade; fine dress; honors;
axe; 1.32 lb; catty;
harp; koto;
prohibition; ban; forbid;
muscle; sinew; tendon; fiber; plot; plan; descent;
tense; solid; hard; reliable; tight;
germ; fungus; bacteria;
collar; neck; lapel;
discreet; reverently; humbly;
near; early; akin; tantamount;
versify; singing; recital;
phrase; clause; sentence; passage; paragraph; counter for haiku;
ward; district;
suffering; trial; worry; hardship; feel bitter; scowl;
drive; run; gallop; advance; inspire; impel;
pony; horse; colt;
tool; utensil; means; possess; ingredients; counter for armor suits sets of furniture;
foolish; folly; absurdity; stupid;
uneasiness; fear; anxiety; concern;
empty; sky; void; vacant; vacuum;
accidentally; even number; couple; man & wife; same kind;
corner; nook;
yield; bend; flinch; submit;
dig; delve; excavate;
winding; reel; spin; turn (pages); look up; refer to;
meritorious deed; merit;
old boy; name-suffix;
fragrant; be scented; smoke (cigs);
instruction; Japanese character reading; explanation; read;
flock; group; crowd; herd; swarm; cluster;
army; force; troops; war; battle;
county; district;
person in charge; connection; duty; concern oneself;
lean; incline; tilt; trend; wane; sink; ruin; bias;
punish; penalty; sentence; punishment;
elder brother; big brother;
disclose; open; say;
square jewel; corner; angle; edge;
mould; type; model;
pledge; promise; vow;
shape; form; style;
diameter; path; method;
favor; blessing; grace; kindness;
jubilation; congratulate; rejoice; be happy;
recess; rest; relax; repose;
put up (a notice); put up; hoist; display; hang out; publish; describe;
portable; carry (in hand); armed with; bring along;
awe; respect; honor; revere;
scenery; view;
Japanese Judas-tree; cinnamon tree;
mountain stream; valley;
lineage; system;
sutra; longitude; pass thru; expire; warp;
inherit; succeed; patch; graft (tree);
stalk; stem;
lightning-bug; firefly;
plot; plan; scheme; measure;
admonish; commandment;
lightly; trifling; unimportant;
technique; art; craft; performance; acting; trick; stunt;
welcome; meet; greet;
drama; play;
beat; attack; defeat; conquer;
violent; get excited; enraged; chafe; incite;
greatness; excellence;
lack; gap; fail;
decide; fix; agree upon; appoint;
undefiled; pure; clean; righteous; gallant;
hole; aperture; slit; cave; den;
tie; bind; contract; join; organize; do up hair; fasten;
month; moon;
affair; case; matter; item;
frugal; economy; thrifty;
healthy; health; strength; persistence;
concurrently; and;
sabre; sword; blade; clock hand;
sphere; circle; radius; range;
strict; hard; solid; tough; tight; reliable;
dislike; detest; hate;
constitution; law;
suspend; hang; 10%; install; depend; consult;
examination; investigate;
authority; power; rights;
offering; counter for drinks; present; offer;
polish; study of; sharpen;
see; hopes; chances; idea; opinion; look at; visible;
self-effacing; humble oneself; condescend; be modest;
intelligent; wise; wisdom; cleverness;
flats; counter for houses; eaves;
dispatch; send; give; donate; do; undertake;
precipitous; inaccessible place; impregnable position; steep place; sharp eyes;
appear; existing;
verification; effect; testing;
beginning; former time; origin;
meadow; original; primitive; field; plain; prairie; tundra; wilderness;
stern; strictness; severity; rigidity;
phantasm; vision; dream; illusion; apparition;
dwindle; decrease; reduce; decline; curtail; get hungry;
source; origin;
mysterious; occultness;
present; existing; actual;
limit; restrict; to best of ability;
individual; counter for articles and military units;
call; call out to; invite;
harden; set; clot; curdle;
orphan; alone;
self; snake; serpent;
warehouse; storehouse;
arc; arch; bow;
happenstance; especially; intentionally; reason; cause; circumstances; the late; therefore; consequently;
wither; die; dry up; be seasoned;
tiger; drunkard;
boast; be proud; pride; triumphantly;
employ; hire;
look back; review; examine oneself; turn around;
drum; beat; rouse; muster;
mutually; reciprocally; together;
noon; seventh sign of Chinese zodiac; sign of the horse;
give; do something for;
I; my; our; ones own;
recreation; pleasure;
behind; back; later;
honorable; manipulate; govern;
enlightenment; perceive; discern; realize; understand;
word; speech; language;
mistake; err; do wrong; mislead;
safeguard; protect;
mingle; mixing; association; coming & going;
marquis; lord; daimyo;
climate; season; weather;
ray; light;
public; prince; official; governmental;
achievement; merits; success; honor; credit;
merit; efficacy; efficiency; benefit;
thick; heavy; rich; kind; cordial; brazen; shameless;
yonder; facing; beyond; confront; defy; tend toward; approach;
empress; queen; after; behind; back; later;
pit; hole;
fond; pleasing; like something;
cavity; hole; slit; very; great; exceedingly;
filial piety; childs respect;
craft; construction;
adroit; skilled; ingenuity;
happiness; blessing; fortune;
wide; broad; spacious;
ease; peace;
vast; broad; wide;
constancy; always;
disconcerted; be confused; lose ones head;
confront; resist; defy; oppose;
arrest; seize; concerned; adhere to; despite;
withdraw; draw in; hold back; refrain from; be moderate;
aggression; attack;
grow late; night watch; sit up late; of course;
exam; school; printing; proof; correction;
posture; build; pretend;
creek; inlet; bay;
deluge; flood; vast;
gutter; ditch; sewer; drain; 10**32;
armor; high (voice); A grade; 1st class; former; instep; carapace;
stiff; hard;
draft; copy; manuscript; straw;
crimson; deep red;
strangle; constrict; wring;
hawser; class (genus); rope; cord; cable;
till; plow; cultivate;
consider; think over;
agreement; consent; comply with;
navigate; sail; cruise; fly;
laid waste; rough; rude; wild;
going; journey;
equilibrium; measuring rod; scale;
lecture; club; association;
tribute; support; finance;
subscription; buy;
outskirts; suburbs; rural area;
mineral; ore;
paragraph; nape of neck; clause; item; term (expression);
incense; smell; perfume;
tall; high; expensive;
sturdy; strength;
nickname; number; item; title; pseudonym; name; call;
fit; suit; join; 0.1;
torture; beat;
overpowering; great; powerful; excelling; Australia;
overcome; kindly; skillfully;
engrave; cut fine; chop; hash; mince; time; carving;
revelation; tell; inform; announce;
cereals; grain;
cruel; severe; atrocious; unjust;
prison; jail;
loins; hips; waist; low wainscoting;
skeleton; bone; remains; frame;
crowded; mixture; in bulk; included; (kokuji);
quandary; become distressed; annoyed;
ground-breaking; open up farmland;
regret; bear a grudge; resentment; malice; hatred;
sociable; kind; courteous; hospitable; cordial;
descendants; elder brother; insect;
root; radical; head (pimple);
mix; blend; confuse;
dark blue; navy;
soul; spirit;
assistant; help;
tempt; seduce; instigate; promote;
distinction; difference; variation; discrepancy; margin; balance;
lie; falsehood; deceive; pretend;
chain; irons; connection;
squat; seat; cushion; gathering; sit;
bond; loan; debt;
sponsor; hold (a meeting); give (a dinner);
again; twice; second time;
utmost; most; extreme;
wife; spouse;
superintend; manager; rule;
coloring; paint; makeup;
genius; years old;
pick; take; fetch; take up;
plantation; planting;
year-end; age; occasion; opportunity;
finish; come to an end; excusable; need not;
disaster; calamity; woe; curse; evil;
smash; break; crush; familiar; popular;
ritual; offer prayers; celebrate; deify; enshrine; worship;
purification; Buddhist food; room; worship; avoid; alike;
dainty; get thin; taper; slender; narrow;
vegetable; side dish; greens;
tailor; judge; decision; cut out (pattern);
ride; board; get on; place; spread; 10**44;
occasion; side; edge; verge; dangerous; adventurous; indecent; time; when;
dose; medicine; drug;
exist; outskirts; suburbs; located in;
lumber; log; timber; wood; talent;
guilt; sin; crime; fault; blame; offense;
property; money; wealth; assets;
slope; incline; hill;
heights; slope;
blossom; bloom;
promontory; cape; spit;
make; production; prepare; build;
plane; sharpen; whittle; pare;
yesterday; previous;
scheme; plan; policy; step; means;
cord; rope;
confused; mix; be in disorder;
bamboo grass;
tome; counter for books; volume;
printing; print;
guess; presume; surmise; judge; understand;
snapshot; take pictures;