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1. Name and describe 3 things in the Chapel
Eucharist: its Jesus after the priest blesses the bread
Alter: where Gods word is spoken
Stain glass windows: they tell stories of Jesus' life
2. Atheist:
someone who doesnt believe in God
3. Agnostic
doesnt know whether or not theres a God
4. 5 characteristics of faith
human act, grace, certain, acts with reason, the beginning of eternal life
5. 2 jobs of the Church:
to guard our faith and to give us the sacraments
6. Relationship between faith and the Church
faith is what we believe in and the church is were we live out our faith
perfection of charity
helps us to be holy
offense against God
mortal sin
cuts you off completly from God
venial sin
slower way of moving away from God
love for someone who offendes
when bishop and pope get together to talk about the issues of the church
people who have been baptized
the process of becoming holy
15. Mystical body of Christ
we are all part of it, and we all have unique roles in the church and were all called to be holy
the process of becoming holy
how do we become holy
By following the ten commandments
18. 2 effects of Grace received from Sacraments
the strength and desire to change ourselves and overcome fear of sharing our faith with others
19. Evangelization:
sharing God's love with other
20. Martyr:
someone who dies for their faith
21. White (dry) martyr
a witness to the truth of the faith who suffers social persecution rather than death
: elevation of the heart and mind to God
23. How is Jesus the perfect friend?
He is always waiting to hear from us and wants us to be a good person
24. What is perfect prayer
Complete submission to God’s will
25. Who initiates the call of prayer?
26. Sign of the Cross
reminds us of the trinity
27. 6 things we learn from Lord’s prayer
sums up the whole gospel, comes from Jesus, God is the father and were his children, rely on him for everything, keep from temptation, and don’t hold grudges
28. Why does God let our prayer seem empty
So we realize our dependents on him
29. 3 examples of Jesus praying
in the garden, in the desert, on the cross
30. Why does Jesus pray
to give us a good example
31. Metanoia
having a change of heart
32. Vocal prayer
having a conversation with God
33. Meditation:
prayer of understanding
34. Contemplation
prayer of resting in God’s presence
prayer worshiping God for his greatness
prayer is gratitude for all of his gifts
prayer of sorrow for our sins and the sins of others
prayer requesting what we need for our salvation
what should we do when prayer is difficult
Set a certain time everyday just for prayer, and pray in a quiet place with no distractions
meditation on specific mysteries from the life of Christ and his Church
a person who believes that there is only one God
the mystery of one God in three persons, father, son and holy sprit
43. What is the central mystery of Christianity
the mystery of teh trinity
church fathers
bishops and writers who knew the apostles or those who knew them and could explain the apostles teachings