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Name some personal issues.
sexual behaviour,contraception,and family responsibilities
List some international issues.
wealth,poverty,war and peace
Substance abuse,racism,ageism and sexism are all _________ issues.
Who is a steward?
Someone who is responsible for looking after something that belongs to someone else.
Why are we not able to do as we please?
Because our world belongs to God and we will be answerable to our actions.
State 4 forms of bad stewardhip.
-polluting the environment
-mistreating animals
Liist 4 forms of good stewardship.
-caring for nature
-caring for elderly or sick
-care for belongings
-care for our body
What is substance abuse?
The overuse or ill use of any substance or material.
What is racism?
The discrimination against people of other races.
What is ageism?
The discrimination against persons due to their age.
What is sexism?
Discrimination against one sex especially women.
Name the four responsibilities that the major world religion teaches.
-use talents for the benefit of of everyone
-act honestly and with integrity
-act with socil justice(fairness & openness)
-treat others with mutual respect
What is a parable?
a story that has a spiritual moral
What is the principle of the parable with the servants and their talents?
That our talents are given to us to be used.Being afraid to use them is no excuse when we are called by God to account for the way we have lived.
Name too forms of personal stewardship,
-use of contraceptives
-taking marriage seriously
-career choice
What is vocation?
The belief that someone is called by God to carry out a particular job
State 3 question to ask yourslf when making a career choice.
-What are you really good at?
-What talents do you have?
-How good are you at working with other people?
What is corporate stewardship?
The responsibility that the government and companies have who use and control the natural resources that blong to all of us.
List two ways the actons of companiescan affect all of us
-Large-scale industries such as oil and coal affect the air that we breathe.
-Industrial processes have dumped waste products in streams and rivers.Many of these sources of water are now barely able to sustain any life.
How do businesses and companies pay their dues?
they pay their taxes
Give an example of how a company tries to give back to the environment.
they involve themselves in providing community facilities in areas their activities have seriously affected
Name three types of natural contraceptives.
Safe period
coitus interruptus
What is personal stewardship?
The personal responsibilities
that individuals have sucha as taking care of ourselves,using our talents and gifts wisely and making wise decisions.
What is corporate stewardship?
The general responsibility of groups,organizations or companies.Their responsibility entails taking care of the environment and using the natural resourses wisely.
What is green audit?
Checks conducted by experts to tell which of its processesare envronmentally friendly and which are not.
what does the term 'green' mean?
Working with rather than against the environment.