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Muslims believe that anyone who helps to build a mosque wins great favour with whom?
At one end of the mosque there is a _______ where Muslims wash themselvesin _______ water before entering the mosque to pray
courtyard, running water
The ritual that they follow to do this, called ____, is an important part of Muslim worship
Why are there no images or pictures on the wall?
this is beacuse the Qur'an forbids any representation of peaople or animals to prevent idol worship
What is the use of the niche?
to indicate the direction of the holy city of Mecca(qiblah)
What is the niche called?
mihrab.Everyone faces the mihrab when they pray
Where does the imam sit to deliver his service?
on a platform to deliver his sermon during Friday prayers
Who is the imam?
The imam is a learned and well respected man who knows the teachings of the Qur'an and so can offer his advice and support to the Muslim community
Wat is the madrasah?
a school where children go after their ordinary school day to learn Arabic and study the Qur'an
What are minarets?
these are towers from which the mu'adhin issues his regular call to prayer, the adhan
The Muslim call to prayer, given from the minaret of the mosque.
Towers outside a mosque.
The platform from which the imam delivers his sermon in a mosque.
The person who calls Muslims to prayer five times a day.
The direction which Muslims face when performing salah-towards Mecca.
The formal prayer undertaken by Muslims and recited in Arabic five times a day
The ritual washing routine that Muslims follow before prayers.
In Britain, which is home to one of the largest Hindu communities outside India, a house or a disused church is often converted into a what?
Where does the worship centre around?
the family shrine that they have at home
However some Hindus visit the mandir every week to do what?
place offerings at the feet of one of the statues of the gods or gooddesses(murtis)
Inside many mandirs there is a special room called what?
the garbagriha
What happen in that room?
smaller images of the gods and goddesses are taken at night
As part of the preperation for a day's worship, the priest lay offerings of what?
fruit, flowers and incense in front of the statues
On special festival days statues are dressed in what?
fine clothes and have a golden crown placed on thier heads
True or False. The Mosques have no seats.
True, the men, women and children sit together
What is an avatar?
the special apearance of a god on earth is called an avatar.
Who was a well known avatar?
Who is Brahman?
the Supreme Spirit in Hinduism and Vishnu is one of the forms in which Brahman makes himself known
What makes a visit to a mandir inportant?
the attitude of the worshippers as they come to present their offerings to the murtis
When a god descends to earth in the form of a human being or an animal.
One of the most popular Hindu gods; an avatar of Vishnu.
One of the most popular Hindu gods.
What are holy books or scriptures?
these are writings that are believed to carry God's message and it is this that gives them their special authority
Because of the importance believers do what?
they treat their holy books with greatest respect and they play a central part in nearly all acts of worship
The Bible took how many years to put in its final form?
It had over how many different authors?
What do Muslims believe about the Qur'an?
that it is the word of God and so it cannot be replaced as the authority for everything that a Muslim believes and does.It is a perfect record of the revalations given by Allah to the Prophet Muhammad
What happens to a scroll when it reaches the end of its useful life?
it is buried just as a human being is-it is never destroyed
What is the most important part of the scriptures?
the teachings they contain
Jews divide their scriptures into 3 parts what are they?
the Torah; the Nevi'im(the Books of the Prophet) and the Ketuvim(the Writngs)
What are the most important books of the New Testament?
the four Gospels;Mathew, Mark, Luke and John
The first 3 gospels hav a similar approach to telling this storyand they are called what?
Synoptic Gospels
Luke wrote which other book in the New Testament?
the Acts of the Apostle
How many letters are in the New Testament?
The main letter writer was who?
One of Jesus's disciples; a missionary and writer of many books in the New Testament
The name given to the first five books of the Jewish scriptures:Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Deutoronomy and Numbers
Three of the four Gospels-Mathew, Mark and Luke-in the New Testament in the Bible, which are similar to each other
Synoptic Gospels