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What are Rituals?
Places to Worship
What is Religion?
The fear or awe one feels in the presence or spirit of God.
What are the 3 phases of Frazer?
1.Nature Worship
Who is Paul Tillich and What does he believe?
Religion is the ultimate concern for the ultimate.
Who is William James?
Believed in an unseen order and our supreme good lies in the balance with that unseen order.
Who is Max Muller?
Religion began as nature worship.
Who is Wilhelm Schmidt?
Monotheism was first form of religion.
Ludwig Freuerbach?
Religion is a projection of human needs and wishes. Religion was replaced with technology and science.
Karl Marx?
Religion is the opiate of the people.
Emile Durkheim?
Religion conforms society. Wrote "Elementary forms of religious life"
Rudolf Otto
Wrote "The Idea of the Holy"
Coined the word "Numinious"
What is Anthromorphism?
Take a diety to a human being.
Take a diety and turn it into an animal.
What is the worlds oldest religion?
Bear ceremonies.
What is the worlds oldest art form?
Cave Paintings
What is religion based on?
What did the Neolithic people pass on?
Fertility, Mass Burials, Stone Hinge
What is Deism?
God created the world so if could run itself.
Venus of Willendorff
Goddess of Worship, Gave Life and Fertility
What is most important to the Yoruba?
When Olorun's son, Obitawa, messed up who finished?
Where do the Yoruba live?
West Nigeria
Who is Olorun?
Owner of the Sky. Creator, transcendant, and determines the destiny.
Who is Orisha?
400 in number.
How are the Orisha honored?
Many shrines, Groves and Temples
Describe Shango Picture
Controls Weather, Axe, Lightening/Dark
Describe River Goddess Picture
Controls Weather; Blue and White Wedding looking dress w/vail.
Blesses w/Wealth; Yellow Dress, Yellow Bed of Flowers
Arisha in Destiny; Storm Clouds/Tornado; Red dress; Line of Fire
What did Obatala create his first people out of?
Clay. Due to too much palm white, he created misshaped people (color is white).
Who is Obatala usually worshiped by?
Women, Especially Barren women.
How do most feel about Oduduwa?
He was a deified ancestor who helped finish creation.
Where was Oduduwa's shrine?
Ife (Sacred place in center of city)
Who are the 3 Primordial dieties?
Obatala, Oduduwa, Ogun
Who was Ogun?
First King of Ife, and the God of Metal and Remover of Obstacles.
What does Ogun look like?
Black, big eyes, has a sword and grass skirt on.
What did Ogun do?
Cleared the way for the Gods.
Who was Orunmila?
God of destiny and divination.
Who was Esu?
"Trickster" God
Kind of like "Genie in a Bottle"
Who were the Yorba?
Perfect People
Who were the Igbo?
Misshappned people.
What is Aninism?
No seperation of body and soul.
People were the same as animals
Spirits are in everything.
Where does all life come out of?
Who are the Zulu?
People of the Sky
What is the Zulu's sacred space called?
Kraal On a Hill picture
2 circles, inner is cattle, anscestors, and temple.
(tree to the right)
What is a Sacred Place?
Raised Platform that honored ancestors.
In Everyones Home (most common)
Where is the Sacred Place that only the Heaven Herder can go?
Unoccupied Hills
What are the 7 Sacred Roles?
Headman Priest, Diviner, Herbalist, Patient, Heaven Herder, Supplicant, Sorcerer
What does the Headman Priest do?
Performs all, chosen by spirits, ancestors, always a man.
What does the Diviner do?
Tells the future, always a woman, occasionally a man, doctor like, passes from mother.
What does the Herbalist do?
Zulu Medicane (Black, White, Red) Usually a Man
Sick, Ill, Woman or Man
Heaven Herder?
Man, Must be struck by lightening and survive, controls lightening, prays to high God.
Person who was family problems, can be anyone, but they need to get back on path.
Bad neighbor, people who create evil, male or female
Isaiah Shembe?
Heaven Herder, Fights for People Enslaved
What Church did Isaiah Shembe create?
Ama Nazarath Church
What was the Ama Nazarath Church?
Christianity and the Zulu Tradition
What are the 3 sources of power?
1. Ancestors
2.High God=.Inkozi-Nkuluknkulu
3.Medicine=all herbs are power all to themselves.
Do ancestors all have power?
Who doesnt have a word in vocabulary for Religion?
Native Americans; use the word sacred.
Do the Native Americans have seperation from church and state?
What are the 3 sacred objects for the Native Americans?
2.Corn Pollen
Is the Native American calendar cyclical or linear?
Where was the Peyote found?
Texas near the Rio Grande.
Who were the 1st to use it?
Kiowa and Apache
Who was Sigmund Freud?
Taught that Religion was nothing more than feelings of guilt based on the Oedipus Rex theory.
Who was Herbert Spencer?
Believed that the concept of God was based on dreams.
Edward Burnett Tylor?
Developed theory of animism.
What is Magic?
Attempts to influence the action of nature through special practices, dances, rituatls, and incantation.
Prediction of the future through various magical means. (tarot cards)
Certain types of animals
Rite of Passage?
Any of various rituals that mark the passage from one phase in a persons life to another phase. (marriage, death, baptism)
Way of pleasin dieties. Viewed as gift to the spirtits in exchange for assistance to human beings.
What 3 things did the Native Americans believe revitalized life?
What is the Native American World view?
What is real to you, validates what we cannot see.
Your reality, religion validates reality
What is the Bow Priest in the Zuni religion?
He is a Shaman and in charge of war.
Who is Pekwin?
Priest of the Sun, Keeper for sacred time.
Who is the chief of all other priests in the Zuin?
Who were the Rain Priests?
Sixteen per pueblo. Also the diviners and doctors.
In the Zuni what direction does the Bear stand for?
Mt. Lion?
What are the four animal spirts?
Wolf, Badger, Bear, Mt. Lion
Zuni: What are Kivas?
Ceremonial rooms
Zuni: What is the Sipapu?
Hole of emergence.
Zuni: What are pueblos?
Zuni: What is their Sacred time?
Cyclical; two halves; summer and winter.
New Year for the Zuni?
Jan. 20th
Who are the Kachinas?
Bringers of the New Year from the East.
Zuni: What is the ceremony at the end of novermber?
Shalako Cermony. (public festival for 14 days)
Who are the religious specialists for the Shoshoni?
Shaman and Puhagan.
What do the Shoshoni consider their Sacred Space?
All the Earth. Their universe is 3-tiered.
What is the Shoshonis Sacred Time?
When is the Sun Dance held?
Usually July
How long do the Shoshoni mourn a death?
3 days
What is the Shaman capable of bringing back?
Your soul.
What are the two groups of Shoshoni?
1. The sheepeaters
2. Hang around the fort people
Who is the Supreme Being of the Shoshoni?
Our Father or The Wolf
What spirit is the Nyipii?
What spirit is the Dzoavits?
High Mountain Spirit
What spirit is the Puha?
Supernatural Power
Who is Oba?
King Priest of Ife
In the Yoruba, what object has sacred spirits?