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"book of changes"
(Y) I Ching
What was the oldest technique of Divination? that is methods for knowing the future
reading lines in bones & tortoise shells
During the Shang Dynasty the omnipoptent powere that was believed to rule the world?
Shang Di
Tian means
What "problem" posed by Bertrand Russell do these religions address?
patterns in nature
To what practice does "the Three doctrines" refer?
Confusionism, taoism, buddhism
What four background elements of chinese culture influenced Taoism and Confucianism?
patterns in nature, divination, tian, yin and yang
What are some of the opposing elements associated with the yin and yang?
two colors=world of opps
curved line=complementary vs. stark contrast
embedded circles=chared elements....i.e a "non-exclusive Daulism"