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When did the great persecutions begin?
A.D. 64
Who was Nero?
roman emperor that started persecutions, he blamed chirstians for fires, floods, and famine (martyred Paul and Peter)
What happened b/c of the persecutions
others were inspired and the church grew and spread
Sister Dorothy Kazel
did missionary work in El Salvador, was a ursiline, martyred w/ three others while returning home
person who lives alone (in desert) to dedicate their life to god. spent many hrs in prayer, does penances and makes sacrifices
lives alone in a hut, monastic community was formed, joins in prayer + celebration of eucharist, helps poor
false teaching that rejects a truth that has been revealed by god and taught by the church
person who believes or teaches a heresy
heretic priest, believed that Jesus is not god, but his first and greatest creation, he denied that jesus is both human and divine
local bishops gathering for a meeting to discuss as issue
Who called the first meeting in Nicea in 325?
emperor Constantine
ecumenical council
universal meeting of catholic bishops to discuss a contraversal issue
3 major councils
vatican 2, council of trent, council of nicea
early chirstians accused of ____ (crime)
treason ( weakening the roman state)
2 big ideas of the Age of Councils
1. holy spirit is w/ the church in responding to controversal issues 2. firmed up church doctrine (teaching) --> WHO IS JESUS?
most recent council
vatican 2 - pope john paul the 23rd changed language the mass is held (latin) to vernacular language
Nicene Creed
clearly states that Jesus is not made by god, but IS god (382 council of constantionple expanded creed)
heresy, believed that jesus was 2 ppl, mary was mother of jesus but not god. (refuted in 431 at council of ephesus)
church fathers
thinkers and teachers tat wrote letters, homilies, and books about faith. b/c of them we hve a deeper understanding of our faith
4 ecumenical councils
Nicea, Constantinople, ephesus, and chalcedon
mormon faith
rejects teaching of councils
how god became man, jesus is both human and divine
holy spirit, father and son one person
god bearer
council of chalcedon
Eutyches believed that jesus was god, but not human
What did em. theodocius do?
emperor made chirstianity the official religion of roman empire
what did constantine do to helo church?
made it illegal to persecute christians
Why did Rome persecute christians>
1. didnt reppect divinity if emperor 2. didnt sacrafice to the god and romans were afraid the gods were going to punish them
word to describe the language of the ppl
council of trents
1545 - martin luther- answered too late, christianity splintered
translated bible into vernacular (latin) called vulgate
refusal of christian faith
Dates of Age of Persecution
64 A.D. - 310 A.D.
dates Age of councils
313 AD(edict of milan) - 476 AD (fall of rome)
fathers of the church
thinkers and writers wrote in greek and lation (still have some of their documents)
geographic areas
church as instituion
rules and regulations, head of church --> rome, liturgy (mass)
apostolic fathers
either knew apostles or immediate succesors
ignatius of antioch
spostolic father, write letters to christian communities
defenden of faith
golden age of church fathers
Jerome, St. Augustine of Hippo, St. John Chrysostum
Aris believes that..
jesus is gods first and best creation but not god
to leave church, church says goodbye
statement of belief
What 2 things did council of nicea do>
1. declared arius a heretic 2. wrote nicene creed
2 words to describe roman persecution
sporatic, haphazard
martyr means
4th bishop of Rome
St. Clemments
house church
were early christians met
how do we know about story of jealous husband
from fresco
what was all the christians had to do to save themselves
acknowledge the divinity of the emperor
upper class, became christian, patrion of music , didnt want to marry
steam bath, way cecelia was 'supposed' to die
position of cecelias hands when died?
1 finger for god, 3 fore tinity
roman senator who converted to christianity, defened his faith at senate and got head cut off, written document of his trail
what happened to slaves who informed on chirsitan masters
illegal to tell on masters
What did emperor Dicdetian do
hated christians and waged the war of extermination on them
Chi Rho
emblem of faith, means christ in greek, emp. constantine had it in front of his army and won the battle
why is 313 a turning point?
edict of milan
denial of faith
what did church do to apostates
sacrament of reconciliation, penance, let them back in (forgave)
greek word gospel writers used to siginify church that meant the gathering, of the gathered assembly
roman building used for public gatherings
what is the same in every age
they celebrate the same liturgy
Edict of Milan
1. gave freedom of worship for all religions 2. returned church property , christians could excists peacefully
What happends on dates of age of persecution
64 A.D. ( nero burned rome)- 310 A.D. (edic of milan)
decree or law issued by emperor
what is treason
means trators (endangering romans fate) christians were blames of this
how many christians were killed
1 million
what did early christians were either
1. converted jews (jewish christians) or 2. gentiles
father of church history
earliest ermit
st. anthony
monkes lived there
pluses of constantine
public buildings for worship, sunday day of rest, other christians feats, gave new privaledges and rights
negatives of constantine
church was under rule of government, tired to contril all aspects of church life, ppl entered church for wrong reasons
st justin the martyr
one of first christian theologians and apologists
ppl who presented arguments defending the christian faith
eusebius of caesarea
father of church history, bishop of caesarea, most famous writing "historica ecclesiastica" history of church