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Halfway Covenant
Puritan children would be baptized as infants but admitted to full church membership only after the could testify to having a conversion experience
The removal of official government sanction and support for a particular religious sect
Benevolent Empire
The constellation of various reform organizations that arose out of the Second Great Awakening
The belief that Christ will return to earth after the millenium
the extension of power, authority, influence by one country over the political or economic life of another
Civil Religion
a secykaruzed, non-sectarian set of religious beliefs and practices supportive of an existing social structure
What is Social Darwinism?
the view that sociocultural advance is the product of intergroup competition and that social elites owe their position to their inherent superiority
Bad Faith
Jean Paul Sartre's term for inauthentic existence
Mencken thought puritanism was a stern strict religion, in reality they....
wore bright clothing, drank beer, and had a fufilling sexual life under marriage. Life was a gift from God.
William Penn did what?
Founded Pennsylvania. wanted it to be a town of religious tolerance. people work better together where force is found weak. Man has a duty to God.
What were sources of the first Great Awakening?
came from pietistic sects. called for a return to simplicity in faith and God. emphasized human reason and gave prominence to natural law.
Who was George Whitefield?
a fiery evangelical preacher. revivalist. had a power voice that gave a sermons an impact and often brought people to tears.
Who was Johnathan Edwards?
A great theologian who americanized calvinism by emphasizing it was just not the person who were sinful.
Who was Charles Grandison Finney?
a revialist preacher in the Second Great Awakening. did very unorthodox methods as he prayed for people in public by name and let women pray in public meetings.combined blunt preaching with sophisticaed organization techinques
Whta did Angelina and Sarah Grimke do?
part of the birth of the feminist movement. wanted to end slavery and establish womens rights. men are holding back the women with tradition. no one has divine insight, womens suffering is just mans interpretation.
Who was Richard Allen?
A slave who bought his freedom, grew prosperous and become the first black to be ordained by the methodist church. Built the first African Church.
Who was Joseph Smith?
Founder of Mormanism
How did Mormon Christianity begin?
Joseph Smith had vision of dark clouds surrounding him. 2 lighted figure appeared telling him that no religion is right. Dictated the book of mormon from golden tablets she found in the woods.