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These were the men Jesus sent to teach in His name.
The apostles
Jusus game him th keys to the kingdom of heave and made him a special leader of His Church
This part of Scripture tells how God revealed Himself to His people before Jesus came.
The Old Testament
He stays with the Church and guides it in teaching what Jesus taught.
The Holy Spirit
He revealed God to us by his words and deeds, and invites us not to be his friends
This part of Scripture tells about the words and deeds of Jesus and the early Church.
The New Testament
He is the bisible head of the Church, who leads the Church in the name of Jesus.
The Pope
What are psalms?
Psalms are prayer-songs of love, praise, thanksgiving, petition, and sorrow.
What do the Gospels tell us?
The gospels tell us the story of Jesus' life and his teachings.
Why did the apostles and others write letters to the early Chrisitans?
They wrote letters to teach about Jesus and to tell how to live as Christians.
Why were stories written in the Bible?
Bible stories were written so we could read about and remember God's love.
What does the book called the Acts of the Apostles tell us?
The Acts of the Apostles tells how the Holy Spirit guided the early Church and how the early Christians followed Christ.
What does the Old Testament tell us?
The Old Testament tells us how God loved his chosen people.
What does the New Testament tell us?
The New Testament tells us how Jesus showed us God's love.
What do we call the Bible because it is "holy writing"?
We call the Bible Sacred Scripture.
Who were the prophets?
The prophets were persons God sent to teach and bring messages to his people.
wha is the Book Of Revelation about?
the book of Revelation is about the glories of God's kingdom. It gives us courage on our way to the Father.
How to make a good confession.
1. Contrition-feel sorry for your sins

2. Examine your conscience

3. Tell priest your sins

4. Act of Contrition

5. Do your penance
4 Marks of the Church
ONE-Church, one Jesus, one Mass
HOLY-separated from, is opn person the world sacramentals
CATHOLIC-universal, everyone is invited
APOSOLIC-Peter the 1st Pope