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what 2 things help compassion grow?
exposure: see poor and their lives
information: numbers and statistics
How does Christian faith help us develop our compassion?
we see compassion as a virtue, faith enables us to greater compassion
what 2 actions does compassion lead to?
1. relief work: distributing food, clothes, etc
2. simplification of our lifestlye
what does he mean by structural change?
problem is not an accident, its a result of political and economic structures/policies, need to change the sturcture to fix the problem
is anger always a bad feeling?
no, anger is other side of compassion. cant be one with out the other. be angry not hateful, more anger, the closer we are to God
Difference b/t relief work and structural change?
relief work - deal w/ symptoms
structural: preventative work
before humility what attitude do we tend to have?
that the poor must and will save themselves, they dont really need me
what spiritual crisis or conversion happens during this stage?
realizing the poor know more/can do better. the poor are gods chosen intruments, not me
what does he mean by romanticism
that we can put the poor on a pedistal, we have to listen, they are alwasy right
what crisis comes from romaticism?
the poor dont live up to our heroic image we imagined
what does solidarity to the poor mean?
after crisis, we are no longer us and them, but we are one. Acknowledging we all have faults and weaknesses but we aer all on the same side of opression
how many stages