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a process of growth & development, mentally, physically and emotionally.
3 crucial tasks of adolescence
deveolpment of:
healthy sexual identity
more mature parent-child relationship
In what ways are human beings made in the image of god?
They are made in his likeness.
seeking & aquiring new products
Society answers for happiness
looking for ones self
Society answers for happiness
Immediate gratification
we want ou needs to be met right know
Society answers for happiness
sexual permissiveness
advertising tells that loneliness will go away if we just find sexual satifaction
Society answers for happiness
Technological fixes
technology is limited it cant solve every problem
Society answers for happiness
What does effective critcism mean?
take something we have larned & tun it over in our mind and question it. examples: messages on TV or videos
Need to be critical
What are relgious questions many people ask during adolescence?
should they stay with their religion,
is there a god, do they need to practice it?
how we see the world around us and all reality
Chapter 2
Where does your worldview come from?
how we are raised and our culture
Chap 2 question of worldview
Worldviews are matters of the head and heart
head:thoughts and beliefs
heart: fellings and attitudes about life and the world
Chapter 2
How do we speak about god in metaphors?
"You are the light of my life"
(not really a light)
chap 2
Relgious Faith
-person invests trust in god,
-matter of the heart attitude toward god,
-matter of head-bliefs and convicticions about god.
Chapter 2
Faith in God
is BELIEVING in God and then holding to these beliefs-TRUST
Chap 2
God self-disclosure of himself to us
People of faith do NOT ACHIEVE FAITH
they choose to accept what God is offering them all the time
Chap 2