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Ark of the Covenant
An anceint symbol of God's protection and presence; a portable throne in acnient times that included a seat that was believed to be occupied by God
biblical Inspration
The process by which God the Holy Spirit assisted a human author in whriting a book of the Bible
The official collection of inspired books of sacred Scripture that contain the witness and instruction for out faith
A sacred agreement between God and his people (between 2 people)
divine revelation
God's communicating of himslef and his plan of goodness throughout history
The detailed history of a hero who demonstrates bravery and wisdom and goes through a series of trials
Departure of the Israelites fromm Egyptian slavery under the leadership of Moses, who was led by God
figure of speech
Comparisons meant to be taken imaginatively, rather than literally
Composite of traditional customs, art forms, tales,and sayings preserved among a people
Concrete sensory images that make a literary work vivid and realistic
A iterary technique in which whta is said or done is contrary to what is expected
The founding mothers of Israel, particularly Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, and Leah
The worship of one God
A symbolic story that illuminates views of a particular people regarding the relationship between humans and the divine
A story illuminates a detail within a geneology
natural moral law
The moral order that is part of God's design for creating the law that expresses the origninal moral sense, enabling people to discern good and evil through the use of reason
Words of wisdonor advice given by God through a spokesperson
oral tradition
Unwritten, memorized accounts of historical events an stories
origin story
A story in which an explination of how something came to be is given
A short illustrative story that teaches a moral or religious lesson
The repetition of words, prases, or thought patterns
The ancestors of the Israelites, particularly Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
The worship of many gods
salvation history
The saving action of God throughout human history
Ten Commandments
The laws given by God to Moses that prescribe moral obligations for the Israelites as part of God's conenant with them