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When was Mark's gospel written?
70 A.D.
When was John's gospel written?
100 A.D.
When was Luke's gospel written?
90 A.D.
When was Matthew's gospel written?
90 A.D.
Where was Mark's gospel written?
Where John's gospel written?
Ephesus (now Turkey)
Where was Luke's gospel written?
Antroch, Syria
Where was Matthew's gospel written?
Antroch, Syria, the Capital of the Roman Empire
Who wrote Mark's gospel?
probably someone named John Mark, a cousin of Barmabos, who was Paul's traveling companion
Who wrote Matthew's gospel?
an unamed Jewish scribe wom we call Matthew for covience
Who wrote Luke's gospel?
Luke, a Syrian (Gentile) and also a medical doctor
Who wrote John's gospel?
probably Jewish disciples who befriended John, or some eyewitness to Jesus
How long is Mark's gospel?
16 chapters
How long is Matthew's gospel?
28 chapters
How long is John's gospel?
21 chapters