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King henry vii
*king of englan who was given the title of defender of the faith
*he wrote agaainst martin luther and defended the sacraments
*he was angry with the church because he was not grantied an annulment from his wife catherine(Who gave him no male heir to the throne)
john fisher
bishop of rochester, who challenged henry vii, he was executed
Thomas cranmer
archbishop of canterburry who declared henry vii's marriage invalid
thomas more
the former lord of chancellor of england who challenged henry vii he was executed
queen elizabeth 1
a protestan queen of england who demanded that people conform to the church of england-the anglican church. she arrested catholic bishops, alll clergy must attend protestant churches, tax people who do not join, executed
a scientist who proved that the earth revolves around the sun
isaac newton
a scientist who discovered the law of universal gravitation
william harvey
a scientist who discovered the circulation of blood
george calvert
the firts lord baltimore, who recieved permission to leave england and establish a colony in the new world for presecuted
john carrpll
1st bishop of baltimore, the 1st diocese-his diocese was the whole usa. he was stron on catholic education, so he developed many schools
dutch priest, published a new testament in greed and latin
francisco cardinal jimenez
a fransican who reformed the spanish catholic church
bl. marie of the incarnation
1st women missionary to the new world from france
frederic ozonam
founded the st. vincent de paul society
junipero serra
1700s- spanish fransican friar who established 21 missions along the california coast
jacques marquette and louise jolliet
french jesuits who discover the mississippi river
ven pierre toussaint
born a slave in haiti, was freed, became a properous buisnessman, cared for his former owner in her last days. he taught doing works of charity, devotion to the eucharist, pope john paul gave him the title-venerable-hes on his way to become the 1st black saint of the usa