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Black Plague
the Bubonic Plague in Europe
The Great Schism
Th state of the Church Having 2 Popes for about 40 years. Christianity was split into two, a major controversy
the rebirth of the greed and Roman Culture. Religious Paintings, sculpture and architecture and writings became very important in the Church
an acceptance way to shorten the Penances recieve in the sacrament of Reconciliation (Through God's Graces, Not for sale)
Double Predestination
A belief that God chooses some people for Heaven and some for Hell... God's decision and nothing can be done about it
The counter-Reformation
Actions dealing with the damage caused bu the Protestant reform
The Liturgical Book used in the celebrating Mass
Never left the ground of the covenant, Prayers
The 'Ark' and the 'Dove'
The Names of the 2 small ships that sailed to the new world ( in 1634) Bringing Catholics to Maryland ( The name of the Kings wife)
The 'Mayflower'
name of the shop that sailed to the new world ( on 1620) bringing persicuted protestants to Plymouth Rock
Underground Church
When the Church operates in secret: priest traveled in disguise, mass was offered outside ( not in Church)
scientific revolution
in Europe- a new way of looking at the world which demanded more proof instead of faith
Reign of Terror
The campaign to wipe Christianity from France: 200-500 Priest were killed, Church property was vandalized, a new calender was designed to erase Sundays and holy days
The age of Faith
The 19th century
An Encyclical
A papal letter, a letter written by the pope to the people concerning matters of faith
Diet of Augsburg
A peace settlement concerning the Catholics and the Lutherans in Germany: German Princes and free cities could remain Catholic of become Lutheran. The ordinary people had to become what the rulers decided or move elsewhere.
Penal Laws
Laws that deprived the Irish catholics of owning land, getting educated and gaining political power
Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith
Established by the pope to supervise the worldwide activities of catholic missionaries
Christian Humanist
Christian scholars who focused on editing and publishing church writtings
The French Calvinists
English Calvinist who thought the church of england was too catholic, they wanted to purify the english protestant sch. of catholic traditions of bishop, vestments, and elaborate liturgies
Society of Jesus
also called the Jesuits- They played a major role in the churchs reform
the first 3 pope after the council of trent
church amassadors in the catholic capitals of Europe
Dourai Priests
priests who trained in Belgium, disguised themselves in england, reveled their vocation to households for secret masses, confessions, preaching
Doctor of the Church
catholic scholars whose writings are still important today. There are 33- 3 are women
The Directory
A government group during the French Revolution which conquered outside of France
St josephs Church
It was the only place in the whole English-Speaking World where it was legal to celebrate Mass- Philedalphia, Pa in 1733
st. Augustine, Florida
1565- the oldest city in north America and the 1st catholic parish established by spain
San Antonio de Valero
the oldest spanish mission founded in san antonio, Texas in 1718
st. Marys in Baltimore, Maryland
The 1st seminary in the usa establishe to train priests
The Basilica of the Assumption of Mary
The 1st Basilica in the usa built in baltimore, maryland