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how does knowing our history help us?
gives us a sense of personal history enables us to discover why we are the way we are, how it is that we havre certain traits, reactions, or stumbling blocks
the ordination of premanent deacons once again like in the early church is an example of what?
the church looking at their roots
what is the model of the church as institution?
the buildings
what is the model of church as servant?
we should care for everything and everybody like jesus did.
how does it help a society whose people understand who and why they exist?
we see how certain choices in the past led to certain out comes, and how we avoid the worst of both
how is understanding the curch's past useful?
in order to chose the future you must know the past first
what is the model of the church as herald?
the messenger to proclaim the word of God to all people everywhere
What are the consequences of being a part of the model of church as Disciple of Christ?
people whose lifestyle stands in contrast with the rest of society.
what is the crucial event in the life of the church?
the resurrection of Jesus
how did the apostles change after pentecost?
the weren't afraid anymore and they could speak in different languages
what was the first major dilemma in the early church?
the new christians had to decide whether they had to follow the jewish law
what was the good news that hte apostles were preaching?
jesus had been raised from the dead and had appeared to them
why was antioch a special church community?
first place the term christian was used and it had gentiles and jews living in harmony and peter died there
what problem did the council of jerusalem solve?
they didn't need to follow the jewish law like many other jews did.
who accompanied paul on his second missionary journey?
silas and timothy
where did early christians meet to celebrate the eucharist?
at people's houses
how did it help paul to be a roman citizen?
he expelled a demon from a furtune telling girl
the final book of the new testament was written roughly what year?
100 ce

define epistle
a letter
did paul write general letters of specific letters addressing specific situations?
specific letters
why were the gospels finally written down?
easier to spread the good news. first hand people were dieng off
was the first gospel written before or after paul wrote his letters?
what were the first orders or official positions in the early church?
bishops and deacons
after the temple was destroyed why did rome become the center of christianity?
peter died in rome and it was the imperial capital
what things did christians do that made them disloyal in the eyes of the romans?
they refused to sacrifice to pagan gods and would not join the army
define apostate?
people who had denied their faith
edict of milan
granted freedom of worship to christians in the roman empire

constantine wrote it
a heresey that taought that jesus was in between human an dgod.
everything is evil and jesus is divine but not human. the human body is evil also
founded by irenaeus
you need a special knowledge to get into heaven and only they had it
a now violent way of life