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What happened in 380 and by whom?
Theodosius I made Christianity the official religion of the empire
What was the significance of Constantinople and where was it?
Located in modern day Turkey and was the empire’s new capital; the Church was built here
What happened in 325?
Sunday was declared a holiday and a day of rest
What is meant by the term ‘clergy’ and what was given to them?
Gave clergy new rights and privileges and financial support
What did the Church begin to develop?
Hospitals, homes, inns, and orphanages
What was established in 1910 and what does it do?
Catholic charities USA aims at advancing work of Catholic charitable programs
At what time in Constantine’s life did he convert to Christianity?
End of his life
Define “caesaropapism”
What happened 476?
The collapse of the empire ended the problem in Eastern Europe
When did the Roman Empire in the east collapse?
Define “Fathers of the Church”
Early Christian thinker-writers that helped our basic understanding of Catholicism and reflect and write about the gospel message
Define “Apologists”
Second group of early fathers who lived in the second century
About what did they write?
explained and defended the Christian faith
Who was Justin Martyr?
A Father who addressed several eloquent defenses of Christianity to the empire
When was the “Golden Age of the Church”?
What did the Church Fathers of this time produce?
Were able to combine their deep understanding of Church teachings w/ broad general learning and extraordinary literary ability to produce a truly memorable literary of writings
Who was John Chrysostom?
“Golden Mouthed”, native of Antioch who is known as the greatest preacher of the Church in the East
Who was Augustine?
Bishop of Hippo who struggled many years before converting to Christianity and became on of its greatest champions
Who was Jerome?
A scholar remembered for the Vulgate, his translation of the bible into Latin
What does the Holy Spirit have to do with our faith?
The Holy Spirit guides the Church and through the Church the understanding of faith is expressed clearly
What is another name for the Holy Spirit?
The Advocate