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What does the word "crusade" come from?
Crux, meaning cross.
What was the group of people that persecuted Christians in the second half of the century?
Selijuk Turks
What type of wars were the crusades?
Defensive wars to defend the land taken by Islam.
What happened to the Pilgrims on their journeys?
They were often robbed, beaten, or killed.
What were the two objectives of the Crusaders as they set out to the east?
To fend off Turkish expansion and to free the Holy Land.
What is an indulgence?
A remission before God of temporal punishment due to sins.
What did volunteering for a crusade do?
It made up for your sins.
What did churches offer to crusaders, in spiritual means?
Reduction of taxes, dissolving of debt payments, and protection of the crusaders' families.
What did Pope John say about the Truth?
"The Truth will make you free."
What was Christian Europe on the brink of?
W]hat did some crusaders attack on their way to the Holy Land?
Jewish communities.
What did the reconquest of Jerusalem result in?
A brutal massacre of most of the Muslim population.
Who was Saladin?
The great leader of the Turks who preached the jihad.
How did the Easter Empire view the Crusaders?
They feared the Crusaders and viewed them as a threat.
What was the relationship between St. Francis and the sultan?
The sultan granted safe passage and travel to St. Francis.