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A table in church where the priest and people gather to celebrate the Mass
What is the altar?
The name that Jesus called God, it means "daddy"
What is Abba?
A person chosen to look after and care for God's people in an area called a diocese.
Who is a Bishop?
Another word for Christian love.
What is charity?
A law that helps people to follow God.
What is a commandment?
An area that includes people and parishes under the care of a bishop.
What is a diocese?
A person who learns from Jesus and follows him.
Who is a disciple?
The sacrament that celebrates the ordaining of a man as a bishop, priest, or a deacon to serve the People of God in the name of Jesus.
What is Holy Orders?
The sacrament that unites a baptized man and a baptized woman forever in love as husband and wife.
What is marriage?
An act of forgiveness.
What is mercy?
A wonderful and unexpected event that shows God's power and love.
What is a miracle?
A story that teaches an important lesson.
What is a parable?
It is the birthday of the church. It means "fiftieth day".
What is Pentecost?
It is a song of praise to God.
What is a psalm?
Jesus' victory over sin and death by coming back to life.
What is resurrection?
It means "sacred writings".
What is scripture?
A cabinet where the blessed hosts, the Body of Christ, are kept.
What is tabernacle?
Three persons in one God - the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
What is trinity?
Our call from God to share in Jesus' life and work.
What is vocation?
The act of praising and honoring God.
What is worship?