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-Muslim holy book
-Jesus was a spirit of God and a messenger
-Muslims don't worship Muhammad because he is not a God, only a prophet
-five pilars of Islam
The Five Pilars
-1)the belief in one God
-2)prayer 5 times a day
-3)concern for the poor and needy
-4)fasting during thr month of Ramadan
-5)Make the pilgrimage to Mecca once in your life
-leader of an Islamic state
a group of specialists who explain and inteprit Muslim Law
-officials in the gov't
-job is to make sure laws of gov't don't violate Islamic teachings
-term used for Religious leaders on Iran, Iraq, and Yemen
-not Arab but Muslim
-descendants of Persians
-speak Farsi
-extremely proud of their History from the Persian Empire
Ahl al-dhimma
- Non-muslims living in an Islamic state
-most live in Israel
-most are Jewish
-very supportive of eachother because of their history
-religion,their struggle to keep their religion, and their identity inspired persecution has bounded them together
-today it is the Hebrew Language , religious heritage, and devotion to their country
-was founded in 1948 for a homeland for Jews
-Native born Israels are Sabres
- Non-Muslim communities during Ottoman Rule
-Arabs who don't want a Jweish state on their own lands
-many have become refugess throughout the conflicts
-Goal is to create a fully independent Palestine
funds used for Charities in non-Muslim commmunites
-Are an ethnic group
-many live in Armenia today, used to live in Ottoman Empire
-fourth longest ethnic group in Middle East
-over 20 million
-lives on the border on Turkey and Iraq (called Kurkistan)
-are not recognized as an independent state
The main religions out of the Middle East
-based on the first book of the Bible
-tells the story of the Hebrews
-they obey nobody but God
-descendents from the HiHites + Greeks
-Muslim not Arab
-History is in Muslim Empire
-speak Turkish
-culture today is a blend of cultures
-based on the life and teachings of Jesus
-Jesus,born a Jew, thought of as a messiah to the Christians, but not to the Jews
-preached by an Arab named Muhammad, raised in Mecca
-holy book is the Quran
-believe in a power known as Allah
Similarities of Judaism,Christianity, and Islam
-all started in the Middle East
-all are monotheistic
-all have a sacred book
-Muhammad has an important role
Beginnings of Islam
-Muhammad started Islam
-Muhammad was a merchant and well respected person
-Mecca is important to Islam because its where Muhammad saw the Angel Gabriel
-Islam mostly spread in Medina
Turning point for Islam
-when Muhammad left Mecca and went to Medina
-there he gained the most support
-after forming an army he went back to
Mecca and destroyed other Holy Symbols
Divine Relevation
-process began with Adam and ended w/ Muhammad
-the ideas are similar amongst the three religions
-According to the Quran, relevations were given to Jesus,Muhammad,David,Adam, and Abraham
-those that live within the Arabian Peninsula
-united by their language
-3 things that bring them together
1)belief in Islam
2)Arabic Language
3)Arabic culture
-live in Middle East and Africa
The view of Christians and Jews
-Muhammad held Jews amd Christians to high regard
-"People of the book", because of old testament