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What is the 6th commandment?
You shall not commit adultery.
How does the Church understand the 6th commandment?
As encompassing the whole of human sexuality.
How did He create us?
Male and female.
What affects all aspects of the human person in the unity of his/her body and soul?
Their sexuality.
What should everyone do with their sexuality?
Acknoledge and Accept it.
What are 2 things that God gave us?
Procreation and Union.
What has God made us with Him?
God _______ in our being/______ our ability to __-______.
What did JP2 say?
Sexuality is good.
_______________ between male and female.
Complementariy which means original union
Who is the perfect model of chastity?
Jesus Christ.
What is chastity?
Understanding the purpose of sexual love
What conforms our sexual desires and practicesto the right reasons to Christian faith?
IS chastity a moral virtue?
What are three things that chastity is?
A gift from God, a grace, and a fruit of spiritual effort
What are 7 sins that are gravely opposed to chastity?
lust, masturbation, fornication, pornography, prostituition, rape and insest, and homosexual acts