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What are the three worlds of the bible?
Historical, literary, contemporary
What are the 7 dimensions to religion?
Mythic/narrative, social/institutional, ritual/practical, doctrine, philisophical, experienctial/emotional, ethical/legal, material/artistic
a scholarly approach to religion, a trait quality, suspension of belief
informed empathy
to see things through other people's eyes
before recording history
beginning of earth
850-550 b.c.
time around which Bible text written
Most important question
Why is there something when there could be nothing?

answer- God
Epic of Gilgamesh
Babalonian story
A myth
A religious truth indirectly expressed
referrential truth
truth by correspondence, prove something is true/false if you can prove it in reality
figurative truth
truth that works in some pragmatic/reality way you dont verify it by correspondence but by your response to it
text can be referentially true
text not literally true but not less figuratively true
Textual variants of the 2 creations
linguistic, composition, character
1st story (linguistic)
1-2.3 Gen. God called Elohim
2nd story (linguistic)
2.4-14 Gen. Lord God called Yahweh
1st story (composition)
man created last
2nd story (composition)
man created first
1st story (character)
Called P story, P writer-pattern, order, rhythem, verse-chorus. Priest put text together. Transcendent (mysterious)
2nd story (character)
Called J story, J writer- named after Jehovah used in text. Lord God (NRSV), Yahweh (Hebrew), Jahovah (KJV). Immanent (accessible)
Speaks the truth. Is part of God because God created it. He is the craftiest of all the creatures.
Where do myths derrive their real power?
From the mirror you look into when you hear it.
Metaphor for power. God says you cant get to me.