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scripture is the Pentateuch only, huge rift between them and Judeans
rigourously observed injunctions of the Torah, particularly Sabbath, miliraty activists
largely Judean, urban, middle class, concerned with strict interpretation of the Law, all souls pass into another body
thought themselves to be God's true people, personal poveryt, celibacy, rejectd all things foreign, developed from Hasidim
aristocrats, wealthy people of rank, guardians of Temple, rejected belief in bodily resurrection, good and evil are individual choices
considered to have caused 66 rebellion, represented common people, against wealthy nobles/ priestly establishment
Common People
those who stood outside the formal, more organized movements
Griesbach Hypothesis
hypothesis that Matthew written first, Luke used Matthew as a source
Four Source Hypothesis
hypothesis that Mark came first, source for Matthew and Luke (in addition to Q), also unique sources M and L
Gospel of Mark
Jesus portrayed as preacher, healer, miracle worker in this Gospel... although king of the jungle, falls passively to pack of predators (suffering highlighted)
Gospel of Matthew
this Gospel includes genealogy of Jesus, Jesus portrayed as a teacher, author well educated and concerned with giving content of Jesus' teachings
Gospel of Luke
story of the expansion of Christianity, narration of life of Jesus from theological perspective, Jesus is server of meal then giver of his life for sake of others
Gospel of John
Jesus portayed as Savior in this Gospel, most likely a growing, developing narrative
164 BCE
date when Antiochus withdraws ban on Jewish religion, Temple is rededicated
70 CE
date of destruction of the Temple/ Jerusalem church
first leader of Jerusalem Church
basic elements of Pauls' epistles
Salutation, Thanksgiving, Body, Closing Commandments, Conclusion
oldest book in New Testament
book where the law is important, serves as a custodian
book where Paul instructs Onesimus to return to his owner, writes letter to his owner with theme of treat slave as a brother