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Yahweh means
I Am
The Trinity means
Three Persons in One God
The sin of Adam because of which we are all born without grace
Original sin
How is man free?
Man is free to be able to choose what to do or not to do
Did Jesus always exist?
Heresy that the Son of God had not really become man, for the physical world was evil ad the Redeemer only seemed to enter it
The last of the Old Testament prophets and the only one who is present in the New Testament
St. John the Baptist
Jesus being man and God at the same time
hypostatic union
What is the eighth commandment
You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor
Why did God send Hos only Son into the world?
He sent Him for the salvation of the human race
The life of God in our souls
Sanctifying grace
What God gave Moses
The ten COmmandments
Teaching office of the Church, exercised by the Pope and bishops united with him
The truths revealed by God and summarized which we believe as taught by God
Apostles' Creed
Number of books in the Bible
Men chosen by God to be his spokesman to the people
Pure spirits creaated by God
Jesus's mission
prophet, priest, and king
What three things are needed for a sacrifice
Altar, priest, and victim
Who did God give a great nation of descendants
The conception, birth of Jesus, the son of God become man through Mary
The oerfect sacrifice Jesus offered to God
Himself: his own sinless Body and Blood, soul and divinity
The suffering, death, and resurrectioon of Jesus by which we are saved from sin
The Paschal Mystery
How can it be that Jesus Christ always existed if he was born of the Virgin Mary?
He always existed as God and was born as man
Heresy that denied that Jesus was God, and held that He was created