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religious means
man/woman, who have dedicated their lives to God through service to others by thaking religious vows
Laity means?
Baptised Layerpreson(neither religious nor perist) who are members of the church
they are resopsonible for the carring out of the mission of the church in their daily life.
post-vatican 2 model looks like what?
Deacons are:
is an ordained minister of the church and is the firist order of priesthood.
assits bishops/perists in the diocess.
Ordained means what?
people who follow the correct steps/ precortions to preach the word of god.
define a christian life.
one filled with love and care for every on and jesus and his laws.
pre-vatican 2 model looks like what?
Bishops are:
appointed by the pope.
ordianed with the fullness of the holy orders.
he is the head of a diocess.
oversees the teaching in his diocess.
define the pope
bishop of rome, successor of st. peter.
head of the roman Catholic Curch.
Priests are?
appointed by the bishop
2nd order of ordained ministry
presides over the eucharist as the leader of the local church
he pastrol care of the local chruch
administers the sarcerments of baptism, penace.
Name the works of murcy.
1. feeding the hungry
2. giving a drink to the thristy
3. visiting the imprisioned
4.shelterin the homeless
5.visiting the sick.
6.burring the dead.