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Christian means ____. This is derived from Christ himself who God ''anointed with the holy spirit.
In western cultures ____ signifies the ratification of ____ and this completes christian initiation.
Its important to remember that confirmation also stenthens ____ ____.
Baptismal Grace
in earlier centuries, comfirmation and baptism were preformed as ___ ____ _______.
One great sacrament
In the west however the desire to allow ONLY ________ to confirm, along with so many infants baptism seperate the two sacraments.
The bishop
The two sacraments were seperated b/c ??
choice and decisions , too many babies to baptize , desire for bishop to do confirmation
in the east, it is still celebrated as one sacrament , but the priest who officiates and confirmation musst use _____, or chrism anounting by Bishop.
Symbolizes a spiritual seal on the soul that fully initiates us into Gods family
anointing of oils
A ____ is a symbol of a person a sign of personal authority or ownership of a person or object.
This is a sign of abundance and joy. this cleans the soul. it is a sign of healing it gives beauty, health, and strength