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Nasal septum
bony & cartilaginous wall separating the two nasal cavities
Superior concha (coverd by mucosa)
on lateral nasal wall, superior to mid. concha
Middle concha (covered by mucosa)
on lateral nasal wall, superior to inf. concha
Inferior concha (covered by mucosa)
on lateral nasal wall, inferior to mid. concha
Superior meatus
space betw/ sup.concha & lateral nasal wall
Middle meatus
space betw/ mid. concha & lat. nasal wall
Inferior meatus
space betw/ inf. concha & lat. nasal wall
Vestibule of the nose
area just inside the nostrils
area of nasal cavity superior to vestibule
Nasolacrimal duct opening
opens in the ant part of the inf. meatus
Hiatus semilunaris
semi-circular groove in mid. meatus inferior to ethmoidal bulla
ethmoidal infundibulum
most anterior part of hiatus semilunaris
Ethmoidal bulla
elevated “mound” of mucosa just superior to hiatus semilunaris. It has an opening for the middle ethmoidal air cell drainage
Frontal sinus
in frontal bone, superior to nasal cavity
Sphenoid sinus
in body of sphenoid bone, superior to nasopharynx
Ethmoidal air cells
lateral to the cribifrom plate, medial to the orbits, lateral to the lat. wall of the superior meatus
pharynx immediately posterior to nasal cavities down to soft palate (uvula)
pharynx between soft palate (uvula) and epiglottis
pharynx from epiglottis to esophagus
Uvula of soft palate
“tongue-like” projection hanging down from the soft palate in the midline
*landmark for the divisions of the pharynx
“tongue-like” cartilaginous projection located posterior to the posterior tongue; forms anterior wall of laryngeal inlet
*landmark for the divisions of the pharynx
Opening of the auditory tube
in nasopharynx, inferior to torus tubarius
Torus tubarius
elevated ridge of mucosa, superior to auditory tube opening
Salpingopharyngeal fold
fold of mucosa extending inferiorly from torus tubarius
Pharyngeal recess
area just post. to salpingopharyngeal fold
Pharyngeal tonsil location
in the mucosa of the roof of the nasopharynx, just inferior to body of sphenoid
Palatopharyngeal fold (arch)
extends from soft palate to pharynx
Palatoglossal fold (arch)
extends from soft palate to tongue
Tonsilar bed
between palatopharyngeal & palatoglossal folds
Posterior tongue
just anterior to the oropharynx; is the “roughened” post. 1/3rd of the tongue
Lingual tonsils
forms the “rough” bumps on the post. 1/3rd of the tongue
mucosa-covered cartilage forming anterior wall of laryngeal inlet (or aditus or opening); has a “tongue-like” appearance
Laryngeal aditus or opening or inlet
opening of larynx posterior to epiglottis
Piriform recess
space in pharynx just lateral to laryngeal inlet