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What modern philosophies did Korihor embody?
naturalistic empiricism, humanism, and relativism
naturalistic empiricism
you can't believe what you can't see. Alma 30:14-15
everyone gets what they work for by themselves. Alma 30:17a
what's bad for one person isn't necessarily bad for everyone Alma 30:17b
what is an antichrist?
someone who claims to replace Christ, someone who works against Christ
what is hope?
to believe in something, and be confident that you will have it.
what are the four characteristics of the atonement, as outlined in Alma 34?
timeless, conquers death, encompasses all worlds Christ created, and is infinite because Christ himself is infinite
what is the relationship of mercy to justice, according to Alma 34?
mercy cannot rob justice, but mercy can overpower justice by satisfying its demands
ritual tribal embrace of acceptance.
what are the three big sins?
blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, (not forgivable), murder (telestial kingdom), and fornication (can be completely forgiven)
characteristics of blasphemy against the Holy Ghost
must be done in this life, must know God and *then* deny Christ, it's exactly what Satan did.
What seven principles do disciples of Christ follow in times of war, as discussed in the war chapters?
don't start wars, don't delight in bloodshed, righteous families can have influence, still find joy in gospel, righteous can be killed to condemn the wicked, external problems are often rooted in internal strife, rely on the Lord
problems of the Nephites (according to Helaman 1-9)
pride, materialism, adultery, murder, secret combinations
5 steps of pride cycle
blessings & prosperity, pride & sin, chastening, repentence, deliverance
5 big bad false doctrines
1) some prophecies are right just because it's statistically probably
2) it is not reasonable that Christ will come.
3) the gospel is a wicked tradition
4) you must see it to believe it
5) the leaders have questionable motives.