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3 reasons Great Awakening set stage for American Revolution
Challenged existing structures of religious/social authority, produced new sense of cohesiveness among colonists, energized colonists
3 ways GA challenged existing authority
Individuals defied local clergy by going to revivals and converting, emphasis on emotion rather than formal training, audience interpreted Whitefield as anti-hierarchical
3 ways GA produced cohesiveness
Message of spiritual equality, first inter-colonial event, Whitefield cultivated pride in forefathers
2 primary sources to show GA set stage for AR
Nathan Cole's letter- "Coming to hear Whitefield," "Timothy Cutler, Opposer"
Nathan Cole's letter- "Coming to hear Whitefield"
New cohesiveness- had heard ahead of time that Whitefield was coming; Energized- was inspired after hearing Whitefield
"Timothy Cutler, Opposer"
Whitefield commended faith/purity of the country, cultivated pride in fathers
3 ways that AR affected religion in America
Separation of church and state, reduced Anglican influence on religion, merged Puritan metaphors with Enlightenment ideas
Noble savages
Blank slates waiting for Christianity
Wild heathens
Irredeemable agents of the devil
Jesuit missionizing primary source
Instructions to Missionaries
Instructions to Missionaries
Do not trouble NAs, non-Jesuit missionaries are incompetant boys
Puritan missionizing primary source
"Indian missions in Massachusetts"
"Indian missions in Massachusetts"
John Eliot went to great lengths to learn Algonkian, clearly thought English superior
New Spain missionizing primary source
Ponce de Leon
"Ponce de Leon"
Make NA chiefs sign promise to become Catholic
New France missionizing primary source
"French views of NAs"
New Netherlands missionizing primary source
"Jonas Michaelius"
"Jonas Michaelius"
NAs are savages, conversion will be hard
"French views of NAs"
Conversion to Catholicism will be hard, NAs are savages
Spanish missionizing
Encomienda system
Encomienda system
NAs had to work for conversion
Most successful missionizing
Puritan missionizing
Praying towns to remake as English subects
Primary sources, supporting Whitefield
"Coming to hear Whitefield," "Dartmouth, 1769"
Primary sources, opposing Whitefield
"Timothy Cutler, opposer"