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Why was spiritual equality important to colonists?
Diversity was a fact of life and needed to be overcome
What were race, gender, and social status superficial to?
Spiritual feeling
How was the cohesiveness during the GA new?
Colonies didn't interact much before
3 ways colonists were energized
Lay people could challenge authority, evangelism made people want to make changes for others, making big changes about religion made it possible to make big changes in AR
GA emphasized _____ over education
4 messages of GA
Self-government, individual rights, local autonomy, church-state separation
Example of separation of church and state after AR
Couldn't be persecuted for religion
Example of reduction of English influence on religion
Anglican congregations lost members, others disbanded
2 ways AR connected Puritan metaphors with Enlightenment ideas
War rhetoric sounded like battle between good and evil, descriptions of battles sounded like religious revivals
In what way were Puritans idelaistic?
Thought they would reform the world
To Puritans, order in family will create…
godly society
Example of transforming chaos of wilderness into order
Homogeneous villages
Example of getting rid of old hierarchies
Had local, learned pastor chosen by community
Example of building new hierarchies
Church membership limited to visibly godly
3 parts of Modell of Christian Charity
People would maintain god-given social place, church and state would be connected, commissioned by God to start colony
Why did Puritans enforce religion?
To keep their half of the covenant
What did Puritans base gov't on?
Readings of Bible
Example of basing gov't on Bible readings
Individual needs subordinate to group
Example of theology influencing gov't
entitlement to land: God provided as refuge
God provided New England as refuge: source
"Reasons for removal: the Puritans"
Example of church and state connection
To vote, must be a male church member
Noble savage example
Seal of Mass Bay
Seal of Mass Bay shows
Puritan's sense of religious mission and cultural supremacy
Example of Puritan missionizing
Praying towns
Puritan missionizing source
John Eliot- "Indian Missions in Massachusetts"- learned the language and translated Bible to Algonkian
3 aspects of Catholic missionizing
Protested enslavement, uncomfortable with Encomienda, NAs are wholly human
Who used Encomienda system?
New Spain
Jesuits were from…
"French views of NAs"
It will be very hard to convert NAs, they are savages
3 parts of Jesuit missionizing
Learn language, adapt Christianity, don'tdisrupt culture
"Jonas Michaelius"
Natives are inhuman savages, agents of devil
What % of slaves are Muslim?
Christian bias to Muslims
Called them Mohommedan
3 things McDannell says
Americans survived Depression by using religion, religion transcends materialism, how females responded to depression
3 ways that McDannell was wrong about religion transcending materialism
Men Borrowing Santos, car painted with religious messages, iconographic images over bed
2 ways Americans used religion to survive
To exert control over lives, to maintain loval culture